Friday , October 31 2014

You will never be ready | You are ready

You are never ready

You can’t | You can | You Must Should have, Would have, Could Have | Did No matter what you want in life, no matter what you want five, ten years from now; you must begin today. You must be prepared to fail if you must, you must be willing to find out what you… Read More »

Time – The Currency of life

Time the currency of life CJ

Spend your time wisely. The real currency of life is time. How much does it cost? If like many of us, there have been times in your life when money was scarce, when you simply did not have enough money to get all the things you wanted or worse … needed. Then, you know the… Read More »

You can’t have it all – but

Focus for Success with CJ DeGuara 2

You can have the best In life we often try to do a lot more than we can, we try fitting everything into this one short lifetime. The problem with trying to fit too much is that we risk never truly finding excellence in anything. For some of us it is even worse, aiming to… Read More »

Building Habits | For lasting Success

Building Habits CJ DeGuara

Creating daily success rituals Be like the sun that rises and sets A seed does not simply grow into a tree in one day, nor does a poor man become wealthy in one day. It is a well known fact that one of the most important traits of successful people is persistence; habits make persistence… Read More »

Life is full of opportunities. Good and Bad.

Life is full of opportunities

Opportunity selection | A new perspective Focus on taking the right opportunities Everyday of our lives we are faced with a myriad of opportunities: Opportunities for regret. Opportunities for doubt. Opportunities for loss. Opportunities for procrastination. Life is full of opportunities: Opportunities for success. Opportunities for joy. Opportunities for happiness. Opportunities for wealth. Opportunities for… Read More »