Thursday , October 23 2014

Life is full of opportunities. Good and Bad.

Life is full of opportunities

Opportunity selection | A new perspective Focus on taking the right opportunities Everyday of our lives we are faced with a myriad of opportunities: Opportunities for regret. Opportunities for doubt. Opportunities for loss. Opportunities for procrastination. Life is full of opportunities: Opportunities for success. Opportunities for joy. Opportunities for happiness. Opportunities for wealth. Opportunities for… Read More »

OnceLogix Interview with COO Rod Brown

OnceLogix Sharenote logo

Small business success – Solutions provider Web-Applications for the healthcare industry About OnceLogix creators of Sharenote A $3,000,000+ start-up specializing in web based solutions for the healthcare industry. Their breakthrough product called Sharenote, which is an electronic healthcare software for mental health has been very well received by the industry. These three entrepreneurs left their… Read More »

One step in the right direction

Step in the right direction

Get closer to achieving your goals One step at a time towards success Success is not one great leap, success is a collection of steps in the right direction. We often like to complicate things but like most things success is achieved by using a very simple formula. 1. Identify what you want. 2. Figure… Read More »

Sleeping too much?

sleeping too much solution

Why do I sleep so much? The Question: hi I adore sleeping . I can sleep all day long . I want to sleep just the 6-8 hours . If i do it for a day the next i sleep it all . How to stop this habit? thanks Causes of Too Much Sleep The… Read More »

Know your enemy

know your enemy

Enemies and Friends Enemies oppose you, friends support you. Your enemy does not have to be a person or institution, in fact most often your biggest enemy is within yourself. Your enemy is anything or anyone that stands in the way of what you want. Your enemy is also anyone or anything that desires to… Read More »