Sunday , October 4 2015

Agnostic Theism – Research

True passion pure focus

Wispernling – The Agnostic Theists that know the Gods In the process of writing my upcoming novel Wisperling I have had the pleasure of researching a number of subjects and Agnostic Theism is one I have found to be very interesting. Without giving too much of the story away, Wisperlings are beings that have evolved… Read More »

The peacock and the owl.

The poor peacock by CJ DeGuara

Not all that glitters is gold The hidden costs of acting rich. The young peacock was in quite a rush. He had earned a large bonus at work for reaching his quarterly targets. He needed something to show his fellow peacocks that he was doing well. The young peacock strutted down to the Elite Peacock,… Read More »

Don’t go it alone


Asking for help, I need help. Let me start with a simple admission; I need help. That was not as hard as I thought it might be. You now know that I need help. You can ignore my plea, you can ask me for more information, you can make your own request for help. I… Read More »

True Passion Pure Focus

True passion pure focus Featured

Passion and Focus lead to greatness. The power of focus driven by passion. Focus and passion are a powerful pair, when combined together the results are astounding. Passion is the one thing that enables pure focus, whilst focus can be trained and improved in many ways, it is passion that brings out a natural and… Read More »

PHP Passion Habit Purpose

Three Pillars of Success Purpose Habit Passion

Three pillars of success Passion – The uncontrollable emotion Passion is not something you create, passion is uncontrollable. Passion is something you find. You can temporarily ignore it, avoid it, dismiss it and even will it away but passion will generally win in the end. If passion loses, generally so do you. If you feel… Read More »