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Hey kid wait a minute

Hey kid wait a minute, It’s your papa, Why you rushin to grow up? I ain’t even done cleaning up your throw up! Little miss independent, It’s your papa, I made a promise before I knew you, I made a promise I’d be there for you, I didn’t know your mama yet, Yet even then… Read More »

2014 Can a simple date change make all the difference?

Online Strategy

New Year Resolutions? Setting dates and schedules is a great way to increase productivity and focus as well as setting yourself a time-span for achieving things. Is starting a new year really going to make all the difference? NO! However you can use the end of the year or the beginning of a new one… Read More »

Why Writers Write


Charles J Deguara’s take on the subject Hi guys and gals, ladies and gents, straight and bents, ethnically diverse, intellectually stellar and absolutely awesome visitors. I have done extensive research as to why writers write, in my other site, Author’s Promoter. The answers are there and over a hundred established authors responded in detail, giving… Read More »

How many pages does a site have?


Find out how many pages a website has. Now, I know I am an author. So this advice coming from me, might seem to come from an unlikely source. I am also however a professional online marketing specialist that has owned a web design and development company as well as managed online marketing for big… Read More »

Do you remember your first time?


Like a virgin Do you remember your first time? Was it perfect? Was it great? Did you have any clue what you were doing? No matter how much we prepare ourselves our first time is rarely ever perfect. Sure, some super hero might get it perfect the first time. For the rest of us it… Read More »

Being a writer

Am I a writer?

Am I a writer? This is a question many aspiring authors ask. What does it take to be a writer? What qualifies an individual and allows them to call themselves a writer? A question I have seen on many blogs: When do I tell my friends I am a writer? / Do I tell people I am a… Read More »

A writer’s admission of guilt

2011-01-23 18.53.12

Becoming a better writer – Charles J Deguara First things first. Why did I include my name in the title? Well, I wanted to make it clear who I am talking about. A long time ago I used to write frequently. I also used to read a lot more. Recently I decided to be a… Read More »

How to Read Kindle books on your PC


Want to read a Kindle E-book on a Windows PC or Laptop? There may be a myriad of reasons why you want to read a kindle e-book on your PC; specifically if you do not own a kindle device. Some books are only available on Kindle and for this reason you might avoid a book… Read More »

Satan’s Slave


A horrific vampire DeGuevara Ladron DeVita; corrupter of souls & tormentor of the living. and to serve me Ladron, I shall gift you the fangs of satan; so you may bleed your sacrifices unto me and their blood shalt nourish you and ease your torment. The dark wings of satan which I gift you now… Read More »