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How many pages does a site have?

Find out how many pages a website has.


Now, I know I am an author. So this advice coming from me, might seem to come from an unlikely source. I am also however a professional online marketing specialist that has owned a web design and development company as well as managed online marketing for big international brands. I know a few things, unlike other web specialists, I don’t mind sharing little dirty secrets. So you want to know how many pages a site has? You are evaluating your marketing ideas and considering a site but want to know how big it really is? Is there a competitor with a large site and you want to know how many pages his site has? Whatever the reason for wanting to know a sites number of pages I am going to give you the simplest, most accurate way of finding out nearly exactly how many pages a site has.

How do I find out how many pages a website has?

Simple, all you need to do is use a sitemap generating tool, there are many available, some are free to use and others you have to pay for. As a general rule it is going to depend on how big the site you want answers for is.

How it works: Sitemap generators use the same method of browsing a site that google uses. The sitemap generator will crawl through the website, following each and every link until it knows exactly how many pages there are in a website. The pages of a site are generally public, your crawler will be able to see every page that could be seen by an individual, or to be more precise every page that could be indexed by a search engine. What you are doing is completely legal, at the end of the day these pages are on the public domain, they are there for everyone to see.

In short if you want to know how many pages a website has: use an online sitemap generator if you google the term “online sitemap generator” you will find a few, find one you like and it will give you all the answers you need.

Why would I want to find out how many pages a website has?

Well there are a number of reasons, however lets start with the most important one. You are going to be featured in a website, you are probably paying to be featured in it. Now, the site owner tells you that they get 10,000 page views a day. You think this is quite impressive and will give you a very good return on your investment. However the real question you need to ask is how many pageviews is your page, or your advert going to get?

Site A has 10,000 pages and 10,000 pageviews a day

As an average this means that each page receives approximately 1 page view per day. When you think about it, this means that working with an average your page in their site will receive 365 visits in a year. Now that is not so impressive. So 10,000 pageviews, a very high Alexa Ranking, or Compete ranking, or Quantcast figures do not give you an accurate picture unless your advertising is sitewide. The previous mentioned ranking sites give you an indication of site traffic.

Site B has 100 page and receives 1,000 pageviews per day

As an average this means that each page receives approximately 10 page views per day. The daily pageviews for the site is quite low in relation to Site A however the per/page traffic is 10 times higher. Your page in this site as an average will receive 3,650 visits. Compared to the 365 visits from site A this is a much better option.

Site C has 10 pages and receives 200 pageviews per day

As an average this means that each page receives approximately 20 pageviews per day. The daily pageviews for this site is even lower than the one before, however out of the three websites it provides the best value for money. DO NOT be fooled by big numbers, when evaluating if you should advertise on a particular site the two numbers you want are: Number of pages and number of page views. Unless you are advertising sitewide in which case you only need to know the number of pageviews.

Other reasons to know how many pages a site has:

You just got invited to be a guest blogger on a site, you are going to spend a few hours perfecting a lovely article for their website so that people will learn about you. What you want to know is how many views your page is likely to receive. Knowing how many pageviews a site has without knowing how many pages it has makes it nearly impossible to quantify the traffic you will receive.

You got invited to an interview on a website, you are going to take the time to be interviewed and you intend on pouring your heart out. You want to know how many people are going to see it.

There are many more reasons why you may want to know how many pages a website has however whatever the reason, what you need is a sitemap generator, it will not only give you answers as to the numbers but will also give you insight into what else is on the site in one single quick to read page.

The sitemap is like a table of contents

Here is another dirty trick you can use. This one is fast and whilst not always available, it will almost always be there with a professionally built website.

Website name: <– This does not guarantee that all pages are indexed however it is likely to give you a good picture of the number of pages and the type of content on the site.

I hope you liked my little article about: How many pages does a website have?


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