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Unknowable God

I kneel in gratitude Dear unknowable God all I know of you is what I have been told; I have been told many a tale of your infinite greatness. I was raised what one might term as a liberal Roman Catholic. I however have had friends from many other walks of life, they held different… Read More »

dot com or dot us – What is the difference?

Choosing between a .com and a .us Tld domain Memorability and usage of .com vs .us The first thing one must consider when choosing between these two domains is the user. The most important aspect when building a website, creating content and of course buying a domain is your user’s preference. Various alternate top level… Read More »

2016 US Election – a Young Outsider’s view

Who gets this young outsider’s vote? What’s a young outsider? First off what’s a young outsider? According to PEW: Young Outsiders lean Republican but do not have a strong allegiance to the Republican Party; in fact they tend to dislike both political parties. On many issues, from their support for environmental regulation to their liberal… Read More »

Anti Pot – Pro Legalization

Freedom to grow, possess and use Marijuana Individually I am anti-pot I’d like to start by making my views clear on weed as well as other recreational drugs: I don’t use them. I personally believe that as an individual I function better without the use of THC. I would like to however start by making… Read More »

The peacock and the owl.

Not all that glitters is gold The hidden costs of acting rich. The young peacock was in quite a rush. He had earned a large bonus at work for reaching his quarterly targets. He needed something to show his fellow peacocks that he was doing well. The young peacock strutted down to the Elite Peacock,… Read More »

Don’t go it alone

Asking for help, I need help. Let me start with a simple admission; I need help. That was not as hard as I thought it might be. You now know that I need help. You can ignore my plea, you can ask me for more information, you can make your own request for help. I… Read More »

True Passion Pure Focus

Passion and Focus lead to greatness. The power of focus driven by passion. Focus and passion are a powerful pair, when combined together the results are astounding. Passion is the one thing that enables pure focus, whilst focus can be trained and improved in many ways, it is passion that brings out a natural and… Read More »

PHP Passion Habit Purpose

Three pillars of success Passion – The uncontrollable emotion Passion is not something you create, passion is uncontrollable. Passion is something you find. You can temporarily ignore it, avoid it, dismiss it and even will it away but passion will generally win in the end. If passion loses, generally so do you. If you feel… Read More »

Naysayers What do they know?

Don’t trust the naysayers! No one knows your true limits. We all have that friend or that family member that with some level of certainty tells us what is and what is not possible for us. There will always be someone that is going to tell you what is and is not possible. Some of… Read More »