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Dear Death

To a world very different to our own there comes a time when our energy goes. When our bodies become weak and frail and we can no longer walk upon this world we must go elsewhere, none of us really know where this place is or how we get to …

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The peacock and the owl.

Not all that glitters is gold The hidden costs of acting rich. The young peacock was in quite a rush. He had earned a large bonus at work for reaching his quarterly targets. He needed something to show his fellow peacocks that he was doing well. The young peacock strutted …

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Dear Drug Pusher

Story style letters to a drug pusher Below you can click on the amazon link to read the first part of dear drug pusher. Each letter tells a story or conveys a strong satirical message. Purchase the Kindle release of Dear Drug Pusher We would love to know if you …

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Alcohol by CJ Deguara

The dazzling light of the sun shattered his alcoholic mind into bitter oblivion, regardless he would emerge victorious. ¬†Quite some time had passed since the war begun, a vicious war with himself, his identity had had lost all reason for being and he would battle himself daily on the ever …

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