Better Digital Marketing, One Optimization at a Time

Better Digital Marketing, One Optimization at a Time

Done With You or For You

Done With You or For You

Expert Digital Marketing System Optimization: Minimizing Waste, Maximizing Revenue

Improve Marketing Performance

Hi, I’m CJ. My goal is simple: to help you achieve better marketing results. With over 20 years of sales & marketing experience, I’ve honed the strategies and techniques that drive success. Hire me as your Marketing Optimization Consultant and let’s optimize your marketing together.


Through a thorough analysis of your current digital marketing system and strategies, we uncover hidden opportunities and areas that need improvement.


Through the implementation of proven techniques and ongoing adjustments, we ensure your marketing system operates at peak performance, delivering maximum results for your business.


Post initial optimization; we persistently measure and fine-tune to ensure increased efficiency in your marketing system and measurable growth for your business.

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Testimonials from past Marketing Optimization Clients

CJ comes with some seriously exceptional qualities and skills. His ability to understand a business and its needs are truly second to none.

He asks questions that will make you think, does analyses that are in-depth and relevant, and provides solutions that will make your business grow; period.

Andreas Jaeger, Daymond John Network

It has been a pleasure and a very exciting journey with a great sales increase! I believe much of the  success comes from your effort!

Thank you for the great effort and results. They have been noticed! It has been a true pleasure to work with you and thanks for all the challenging discussions.

C Christensen, Cryos International

Working with CJ is a valuable and unique experience for not only being a very nice person to be around but also to experience the possibility of building everything from absolutely nothing.

Thanks to CJ’s amazing and indispensable capabilities, our company is growing rapidly!

M Agius, Idea Natur

My company and I found ourselves in trouble after starting our digital platforms and marketing strategies. Through a recommendation, I met CJ, who diagnosed several of our problems. Moreover, he recommended several changes to our mobile website and direct marketing strategies that immediately changed how we both perceived our product and helped us to clarify how we offer it.

Ned Canada, Andromeda Consulting

Marketing Optimization Opportunities

Below are some of the aspects we can focus on optimizing. The first step involves gaining a full understanding of your overall marketing strategy and your current marketing mix. We will prioritize optimizations that offer the highest return on investment and address any areas that may pose risks, such as marketing asset ownership. However, if you already have a specific area in mind that needs immediate attention, we’ll start there first.

Sometimes, you just need a reliable partner to swiftly address those nagging marketing challenges. Has your website’s SSL certificate expired, causing unsettling security notifications for your website visitors? Are you in the process of hiring a Social Media Manager but feeling uncertain about integrating them into your Facebook Business Manager Account without risking your account? Remember the satisfaction of checking your Google Analytics to see your website’s traffic, only for it to suddenly go dark or, worse, you never had analytics set up?

Suddenly stopped receiving emails, with no clue why it happened? Maybe your Facebook ad campaign is constantly getting rejected or not getting many conversions? Maybe Shopify sent you a cryptic notification about issues with your store, and you’re left puzzled. Your trusted marketing guru decided on a whim to relocate to Alaska, and you find yourself in need of guidance while searching for a new expert.

As a Marketing Optimization Consultant, I thrive on solving marketing puzzles and making micro-optimizations to make your marketing more efficient and you less stressed. Reach out, and let’s navigate these challenges together. Your marketing journey should be smooth, and I’m here to provide the guidance and support you need.

Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” Pablo Picasso said this, and it rings true in the world of marketing. A marketing plan need not be the size of an encyclopedia; sometimes, it’s a single-page roadmap, developed based on a well thought out strategy.

In my two decades of experience, I’ve assisted businesses in optimizing existing marketing plans and crafting new ones from scratch. Whether it’s creating detailed marketing plans complete with exhaustive market research and financial insights, crucial for securing substantial funding in the 8 to 10-figure range or crafting concise, one-page strategies tailored to local businesses, having a marketing optimization consultant by your side can be the difference between possessing a “hopium” marketing plan and one that truly propels your business forward.

Prefer to delegate the task entirely? I can take care of that for you. Need a partner for the presentation? I’ve flown out to places like Hong Kong(7-Eleven is weird there), to support my clients in achieving their objectives. While I’ve collaborated with giant multinational corporations, my heart belongs to small businesses. The only distinction lies in the scope and complexity of the work, so if you’re a small business, don’t let my larger projects deter you. Remember, even the world’s biggest enterprises started small.

Marketing is a dynamic ecosystem where each element, from initial engagement to post-sale customer care, is crucial. By treating your marketing as a unified system, we enhance efficiency and synergy, reducing waste and boosting returns.

As a Marketing Optimization Consultant, I take pride in ensuring all the pieces work optimally together. Through a comprehensive Full Marketing System Analysis, we delve into every aspect of your marketing system. Firstly, we ensure they work well together. Secondly, we prioritize which pieces to address first to deliver the best returns in the shortest time.

Moreover, the truth is, that every business is unique. What may be a top priority for one might not be the same for another. Sometimes, it’s about getting all the pieces to work well together because a business has star specialists in each area. On the other hand, we often find that one area is causing the entire system to fail. For instance, in one case, it was a lack of cost-effective lead generation. Conversely, in another, post-purchase customer care was the Achilles’ heel holding a company back from massive growth.

Reach out and let’s get to work on analyzing and optimizing your marketing system! From your ad strategy to nurturing customer relationships, we will meticulously fine-tune every component to maximize your ROI and pave the way for lasting success.

I developed the WHO THEORY™ framework, in collaboration with leading marketers, to redefine how we approach customer avatars. Unlike traditional customer profiles, we begin by focusing on needs, desires, interests, and behaviors. We then develop profiles, which we call WHO FILES, these deep insights enable us to identify the most effective channels for engagement, craft the right messaging and so much more.

Think about it, in a world where you can target someone searching for information about a jackhammer and you can deduce that the same person would probably be interested in other similar products or marketing construction services; why would you prioritize demographic data first when building an avatar? It is more relevant that our WHO is interested in how to beat the last boss in Game X than the fact that he is a 55-year-old man living in a specific geographic location unless we are selling the most niche gaming mouse designed for people over the age of 55 living in Montana.

It is more important to understand their emotional state, buying style, trust factors relevant to them, and yes even the type of people they like know, and trust. The jackhammer example allows us to target the search term which may come in at a much lower cost per click than, “General Contractor Insurance” but still targets people that would be interested, maybe as a branding opportunity instead of a direct response ad.

You can probably tell I’m quite obsessed with WHO THEORY™ and the reason is simple, it works and has been pivotal in improving many of my client’s marketing. So if you’re looking for a marketing optimization consultant who is as obsessed about your customers as you are, reach out let’s get started!

Whether you’re starting with basic automation in user-friendly platforms like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, or diving into a little more complex email marketing systems like Keap Infusionsoft with lead scoring, or advanced enterprise solutions like Iterable and Braze, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a broad variety of email marketing systems and have optimized countless campaigns for clients in various industries.

I highly recommend Klaviyo, particularly for E-Commerce needs, especially when seamlessly integrated with Shopify or Shopify Plus. While Keap / Infusionsoft is an excellent fit for the B2B space and coaches for example. As a consultant, I have the benefit of a broader knowledge base than most and can apply that to help you choose the right system and ensure it is operating optimally.

I’m also well versed in safeguarding sender reputation, configuring SPF and DKIM records, and more importantly, I have a great network of seasoned email marketers who can step in to tackle more complex requirements, such as staying in compliance with relevant laws like HIPPA, GDPR, and COPPA. Let me help you ensure that your email marketing runs optimally.

I also excel and genuinely enjoy optimizing email content and subject lines to improve open rates and click-throughs; there is something so satisfying when an optimized subject line and a well-placed CTA provide measurably better results.

Social Media Marketing can be a double-edged sword for smaller businesses. Many invest substantial time and money with disappointing ROI, not because Social Media doesn’t work, but because activities aren’t properly measured and optimized. It’s disheartening to see business owners chasing the latest trends or trying to “hack the algorithm,” often leading to wasted time emulating professional influencers, with little to no tangible conversions or long-term impact.

In the past twenty years, I’ve seen some things,  Orlando-based icon, John Morgan, from the nation’s largest law firm, Morgan & Morgan wouldn’t advertise the same way a small boutique local firm would and that same firm shouldn’t try using the same tactics he does. When it comes to social media, it’s crucial to recognize that large multinational brands have million-dollar budgets and enjoy strong brand recognition. For them, a campaign might serve the simple purpose of staying top of mind, and they can afford to consistently brand with a very broad audience, exposing them to the brand numerous times.

However, for small businesses, a different strategy is often much wiser. It’s all about narrowing the targeting to ensure that the necessary number of exposures to the brand happens efficiently. Far too much money is wasted when small companies cast their nets wide, reaching an audience of 100,000 potential customers once instead of focusing on reaching 10,000 individuals ten times. This targeted approach is not only more efficient but also highly effective in creating real brand awareness and driving conversions.

Let me guide you in making social media work for you and your business, turning the tables so that it serves your goals. You might wonder why I actively use certain social media platforms while keeping others on the back burner. There’s a strategic method behind my approach, backed by solid marketing data. Remember, just because I let one social media platform sit idle doesn’t mean your healthy beef jerky company should do the same. Context is everything, and as your marketing optimization consultant, I’ll help you choose the path that minimizes costs (both time and money) while maximizing returns.

I’ll keep this brief. Over the past 15 years, I’ve personally owned and operated numerous niche websites, with most of our traffic originating from search engines. These sites have consistently ranked on the first page for well over 100,000 search terms. While the digital landscape is evolving with the advent of AI-powered search engines, often referred to as answer engines, it’s important to note that search will remain a vital customer acquisition channel for countless businesses.

Whether you’re looking to set up effective search ad campaigns, select the right agency or freelancer for the job, or simply seeking an expert evaluation of your current search advertising efforts, I’m here to offer guidance. From optimizing existing search ad campaigns to helping you make informed decisions about your search advertising investments, I look forward to being your trusted partner in achieving search marketing success, regardless of your budget or goals.

As a Google Certified Partner with extensive experience in optimizing marketing strategies, and have quite a bit of experience with other search engines like Bing. I do have an excellent track record of assisting businesses with managing substantial ad budgets and can definitely help you setup, optimize, or outsource your search engine marketing. Reach out for a free call or send me a question; so we can better evaluate if you would benefit from having me as your marketing optimization consultant!

Drawing from my experience as a marketing agency owner, a mentor to junior marketers, and a former headhunter for renowned brands like GSK Pharmaceuticals and Yellow Pages, I understand the critical importance of recruiting, nurturing, and even collaborating with marketing talent, including freelancers.

I firmly believe in the value of proper onboarding and setting up new staff and freelancers for success. Whether you’re seeking to expand your marketing team, enhance the skills of your existing members, or want to ensure a seamless onboarding process for freelancers, I’m here to guide you. Let’s recruit the best, train them effectively, and watch your marketing team deliver results without stressing you out too much.

Being a marketing optimization consultant I work with many different marketing teams in a variety of industries; as such I get to learn from each environment while coming across many talented individuals.

With a rich background in marketing strategy and operations, I’m well-equipped to guide you through the intricate journey of Marketing Process Optimization. In marketing every process holds the potential for efficiency gains, it’s essential to fine-tune each step for maximum results.

My experience stems from owning and operating my own marketing agency for seven years and helping business owners like you with their own marketing processes. This diverse experience has honed my expertise in identifying bottlenecks, streamlining workflows, and optimizing processes for businesses of all sizes.

From assessing your current marketing processes to recommending data-driven improvements, I can help you optimize your marketing to the point that it feels like a finely-tuned machine that you can rely on to continually deliver results. Whether you’re a large corporation looking for specialized advanced optimizations in some of the areas I am most skilled at or a small business aiming for efficiency on a budget, I’m here to help.

What was the password for the thing that’s connected to the other thing that we’ve been paying for and barely ever use? In the world of marketing, having all your assets organized and secured is the key to efficiency and peace of mind. Over my years of working with diverse businesses, I’ve encountered a common challenge among small enterprises—a lack of centralization when it comes to marketing assets, logins, passwords, and security protocols.

As a seasoned marketing optimization consultant, I’m here to help you streamline your marketing asset management. From logos and creative content to login credentials and cybersecurity measures, I can assist you in centralizing, organizing, and protecting your invaluable assets.

Imagine having everything you need at your fingertips, effortlessly accessible and secure. Whether you’re a small business looking to enhance your marketing operations or seeking to fortify your digital defenses, I’m your dedicated partner in achieving a seamlessly organized and well-protected marketing ecosystem. Let’s ensure that your marketing assets are a source of strength, not a point of stress.

When it comes to choosing the right marketing software, experience and firsthand exposure make all the difference. As a seasoned marketing optimization consultant, I offer a distinct advantage. I don’t just read about marketing software on SaaS websites—I work with it in real, dynamic environments.

My journey began as a Software Sales Consultant for Microsoft, giving me a foundational understanding of software ecosystems. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of exploring a wide array of marketing software solutions, dissecting their strengths and uncovering their nuances.

What sets me apart is not just my familiarity with the software but my genuine enthusiasm for learning about new tools and understanding what best suits my clients. I’m dedicated to helping you navigate the intricate landscape of marketing software, ensuring you make informed decisions that align with your unique business needs.

Let’s collaborate to find the perfect software solution to elevate your marketing efforts. With my firsthand experience and passion for discovery, we’ll make sure you have the right tools in your arsenal to achieve your marketing goals.

When it comes to harnessing the power of data for your marketing, I bring a wealth of experience in analytics and tracking tools, and while I may not be a data scientist, I’m proficient in deciphering data to extract valuable insights. From setup to optimizing which KPIs you track and why, I actually enjoy working with numbers as they only lie if you don’t ask them to tell you the truth nicely enough. 😛

As a Google Analytics Certified professional, I’ve navigated the intricacies of data analysis. I’ve worked with a range of analytics tools, such as Mixpanel, Triple Whale, Northbeam, and others like Hotjar and Mouseflow for in-depth UX/UI analysis to crafting comprehensive data dashboards using Looker Studio. I understand the importance of using data to drive marketing decisions.

While I may not specialize in enterprise-level analytics and tracking tool optimization, I excel in helping small to medium-sized businesses like yours make sense of their data. Whether you’re looking to refine your analytics strategy, optimize tracking tools, or leverage data-driven insights, I’m here to guide you toward effective analytics and tracking strategies that align with your goals. If you’re looking for more complex data wizards I know a number of amazing data scientists that I’ve gotten to work with in the past or just happen to enjoy geeking out with and learning from.

In the dynamic landscape of marketing, where every dollar counts, sound financial planning, analysis, and optimization are the cornerstone of success. I specialize in helping small business owners with Budgeting, Projecting, and Finance Calculations, for marketing budget allocation and optimization. I generally work with the finance team or a Fractional CFO in smaller organizations but have also helped a number of business owners make sense of the numbers.

I bring a unique blend of marketing knowledge and my own experience as a business owner to the table. From essential metrics like ROAS, ROMI, CLTV, to other important marketing finance data such as CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost), CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), and ROI (Return on Investment) calculations, I’m well-versed in deciphering the numbers that drive marketing decisions.

Beyond optimizing marketing efforts, I’ve played a pivotal role in crafting business plans and marketing strategies tailored for funding purposes alongside savvy entrepreneurs and finance industry professionals. Whether it’s securing startup funding or presenting a compelling case to investors, I offer strategic insights that extend beyond the realm of figures.

In today’s competitive marketing landscape, data-backed decisions are paramount. Let’s collaborate to develop meticulous budgeting, precise projections, and informed finance calculations that propel your marketing efforts and business to new heights.