Mackenzie Brown

British Author of Novels and Short stories

Mazkenzie Brown British author of a selection of books
Mazkenzie Brown British author of a selection of books

Nationality: British
Type of writing: Novels, Short Stories
Genre: Literary Fiction, Young Adult, Children, Fantasy, Short Story, Freelance, Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Writing
Best Work so far: The Shifting

About the author Mackenzie Brown

I was born and raised in Liverpool and from an early age I have always enjoyed making up stories. I’m interested in many genres but I would not complain if I was referred to as a thriller writer. I enjoy writing fast paced stories that intend to grab the readers attention from the start. My personal hero is my grandfather Angus Mackenzie Brown, because he always lived his life with dignity despite what life threw at him, including incarceration in a Prisoner of War Camp in Italy, from which he escaped and lived to tell the tale.
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Books and written works by Mackenzie Brown

Renowned criminologist Delbert Walsh has spent five long years searching for his only son during the political upheaval of 1970’s Liverpool.
Walsh believes boys have been disappearing from the area for over twenty years, but the lack of a single clue has driven the retired policeman to flirt with alcoholism.
Carol Blake and her three male friends find their lives in danger when they become acquainted with Walsh, as the net closes in on the perpetrator.
On the day eleven year old Imelda Stone discovers the reason she has always felt different from other children, her beloved father storms out of their home in the middle of the night.
Days pass and when the Police are called a body is not located, nevertheless Edward Stone is presumed dead.
But Imelda knows he is very much alive.
One night she hears a voice calling to her from the old dry well at the bottom of the garden and all of her hopes and fears are realised at once.
An enemy older than time has waited to unleash his master plan. His intention to kill his old foe Edward Stone and wreak havoc on Earth, but he hasn’t counted on a gifted child standing in his way.
In a breathtaking series of events, Imelda seeks out her missing father, faces up to a ruthless killer and in a pulsating finale enters an alien world to rescue her fatally wounded father and save the human race from certain destruction.
THE SHIFTING (shortly due for re-release following additional editing)
Doctor Stephen Forshaw belongs to one of London’s oldest and wealthiest families. Doctor Forshaw simply vanishes into thin air one wet September evening. Only to be followed one year later by his sons, Robert, Angus and Toby. No motive or clue to their disappearances is ever discovered by the Police and their bodies never found. Despite this, the authorities secretly believe that all four are dead and are certain that it is only a matter of time before their bodies are discovered…
Almost ten years to the day Stephen was discovered missing, a boy matching Toby’s description reappears at a disused farm in Hertfordshire. The boy has no memory of where he has been and doesn’t even know his name and cannot explain why he hasn’t aged one day in almost a decade. He is only aware that his life is in grave danger……………
Released in Halloween 2012 OUT OF DARKNESS is a showcase for a range of short stories from a variety of new authors. Escape from reality and plunge into a dark world where ghosts reside, the grim reaper takes form, children are taunted by witches, something dangerous lurks in a pit and more… Just remember one thing…don’t be scared of the dark, it won’t hurt you. Or will it?
My featured story ‘Creeping Jesus’ is a ghost story set in the City of York. On a bitter cold night two homeless friends are scared out of their wits, but it is the living they have more to fear from on a night fraught with danger.
All proceeds to The British Heart Foundation.
A FESTIVE FEAST is a showcase for a range of authors of Christmas short stories.
My story, ‘Pocket Money’ is a flight of fantasy. One Christmas a single mother and her precocious daughter, lurch from the depths of despair to abject joy when a most unexpected gift is bestowed upon them and is the catalyst to transforming their careworn lives.
All proceeds to Cancer Reasearch.
LOVE IS IN THE AIR is a showcase for a range of authors of short stories featuring love as the central theme.
My story ‘The Sweet Coupons’ is a tale of brotherly love and coming of age, set during the 2nd World War. Will Billy Moss deprive his younger brother of a sugary treat in return for something with a lot more spice?
All proceeds to help fight Diabetes

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