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Abbott, John Stevens Cabot

American Historian, Religious writer, Biographies, Inspirational works.

Author Abbott John Stevens Cabot
Author Abbott John Stevens Cabot Born 1805 Died 1877
John Stevens Cabot Abbott was born 19 September 1805 and Died 17 June 1877 (aged 71)

John Stevens Cabot Abbott is best known as the author of History of Napoleon Bonaparte (1855)

The History of Napoleon Bonaparte recounts various elements and episodes in Napoleon’s career.

Inspirational Religious works By John Stevens Cabot Abbott

The Child At Home (1834)
The Mother At Home (1835)
The Path of Peace (1836)
The School-Boy (1839)

Historical works by John Stevens Cabot Abbott

The French Revolution of 1789 (1859)
The History of the Civil War in America (1877)

Biographies by John Stevens Cabot Abbott

Henry IV
Louis XIV
King Philip (Metacomet), war chief of the Wampanoag people
Madame Roland
Marie Antoinette
Joseph Bonaparte, elder brother of Napoleon Bonaparte
Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte
Hortense, daughter of Josephine
Louis Philippe, the last king to rule France, although Emperor Napoleon III would serve as its last monarch.

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