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Jaime Arias

Mexican American Author of Christian Suspense Fiction books such as POTUS Resurrection

Photo of Jamie Arias author of the Jacob Rico Series
Jamie Arias author of the Jacob Rico Series
Nationality: Mexican American
Type of writing: Novels
Genre: Romance, Spiritual, Other
Other Genre/ Type of writing : Christian Fiction Suspense
Best Work so far: Jacob Rico: POTUS Resurrection

About Jamie Arias

Born in El Paso to immigrant parents, Jaime F. Arias, Jimmy to family, grew up in Southern New Mexico. After the first 12 years spend in the rancheros of one of the world’s largest pecan farms, he moved with his family to nearby Las Cruces. He spent most of his middle school years avoiding (mostly) fights, until his elementary school friend, who had moved into town earlier, found him and became his protector. Jaime did not thrive in school. But his love of reading was his saving grace. He was more likely to be found in a secluded part of the school yard with a good book, than off causing trouble with his friends. But by the time he reached high school, he found every excuse not to attend. So, after the second week of his freshman year, the counselors invited him to leave school altogether. Afraid to tell his mother he was kicked out of school, he secretly earned his GED and enrolled in college. But even that was short lived. Eventually, however, he completed a building trades program at the local community college. Jaime came to know the Lord at age 19 via his older sister Lourdes. Not long after, he joined the Air Force as a security policeman. His first marriage, though, did not last and eventually Jaime and his young son moved to San Antonio, Texas, where he was an instructor at the Security Police Academy. It was there he met and married his current wife. His Air Force career took Jaime to McChord AFB, Washington, Holloman AFB, New Mexico, Lackland AFB, Texas, and Malmstrom AFB, Montana. He also served two 6-month deployments to Honduras. After ten years, though, Jaime left active service and returned to school. Eventually, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Regents College, and then his Master of Science in Curriculum Development from New Mexico State University. It was during the six years of teaching at an elementary school, when Jaime began to write. And what began as an avenue for stress management has now become a major part of his life, which has produced six books comprising The Jacob Rico Series. All of his experiences inspire the story lines and characters. His characters are composites of real people portrayed in historical adventures, in the sense of biblical events, and framed in the constructs of his imagination. It is hoped that the southwest brand of Hispanic culture and flavor is well depicted; both the good and not so good aspects. Jaime resides in Las Cruces with his wife, children and grandchildren.

About Jamie Arias’s Jacob Rico Series

The adventure begins with Jacob Rico: Chink in the Armor (Book One). Rico arrives in Las Cruces, marries his sweeheart and starts his new company. But one protection job goes south, and Rico comes out on the losing end. Unfortunately his literal journey to hell and back does little to change his ways.
Book two, POTUS Resurrection sees the completion of the treasonous plot he dreams up in the first book. Jacob Rico remains oblivious to God’s work in his life. And even the believers seem befuddled by God’s mysterious ways when it comes to Rico. Fortunately, they are obedient to the Holy Spirit’s promptings, however absurd they seem, and they all play their part in Rico’s bizarre scheme. But who has really orchestrated this unfathomable crusade? And why must the innocent pay?
Upcoming books include
Jacob Rico: Butterfly Rising (Book 3)
Jacob Rico: An Angel, A Donkey, and a Martyr (Book 4)
Jacob Rico: The Days of Elijah (Book 5)
Jacob Rico: The Beginnings (Book 6 working title)

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