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Why do people lie on social media?

I want to know why they lie!

Since the dawn of speech people have lied, nothing new there, but when it comes to social media it seems truth is harder to come by.

Lives are fabricated and everyone is full of rara but that surely can’t be true. Lets face it, most people lead normal lives and that’s great!

Normal is okay, at least it should be!

The biggest lies on social media are small.

The big far fetched lies don’t even bother me that much, the photo in a Ducati as your profile pic when I saw you step out of a beat up Jetta just yesterday … I’ll let that slide. The lies that really get me are the little lies, the emotional lies, the little exaggerations.

You know the ones I’m talking about, the perfect smiling faces, the never ending perfect normal moments raised on a pedestal. I want to know why people lie, I want to know why they lie about the little things and why they lie about the big things.

I want you to tell me in the comments why you think people lie on social media – the best comments will be added into this article!




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