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Why do people lie on social media?

I want to know why they lie! Since the dawn of speech people have lied, nothing new there, but when it comes to social media it seems truth is harder to come by. Lives are fabricated and everyone is full of rara but that surely can’t be true. Lets face …

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What is a dollar?

what is a dollar bill?

Apart from being 75% cotton coated in special ink … A dollar is a representation of value Before you roll your eyes and step away I promise you there is a point to my question. A dollar is a small loaf of cheaply made bread, it is also a few …

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Ingredients of success – unedited.

The below is unedited and was written because I wanted to try out a new style of writing – I covered a few of the important ingredients of success. I’d love to get your feedback – It is also written because I set a goal and did not reach it …

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