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Stigma of Addiction – Why fight it?

<h1>What is a Stigma and why fight it?</h1> A stigma is a stain, a mark of disgrace perpetrated by a society or group with regards to an individual or group of individuals. There are of course many forms of stigma based on different factors; as humans we generally look for …

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Unknowable God

I kneel in gratitude Dear unknowable God all I know of you is what I have been told; I have been told many a tale of your infinite greatness. I was raised what one might term as a liberal Roman Catholic. I however have had friends from many other walks …

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2016 US Election – a Young Outsider’s view

Who gets this young outsider’s vote? What’s a young outsider? First off what’s a young outsider? According to PEW: Young Outsiders lean Republican but do not have a strong allegiance to the Republican Party; in fact they tend to dislike both political parties. On many issues, from their support for …

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Anti Pot – Pro Legalization

Freedom to grow, possess and use Marijuana Individually I am anti-pot I’d like to start by making my views clear on weed as well as other recreational drugs: I don’t use them. I personally believe that as an individual I function better without the use of THC. I would like …

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Turkey bares it’s teeth – Ukraine follows suit.

Turkey shoots down Russian Fighter Jet Was Turkey right in shooting down the Russian fighter jet? There is probably no correct answer but what is certain is that Turkey chose to take an aggressive stance towards Russia. There are a multitude of reasons why Turkey might have felt justified in …

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