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British Author and Air Traffic Controller


Ian McAllister author of the biography lost olympics The Hilda James Story
Biography Lost Olympics – The Hilda James Story by author Ian McAllister

About The British Author – Ian McAllister

I am a 52 year old first time writer. Married for 30 years and with a 19 year old son. My day (and night) job is as a senior air traffic control assistant at the London ATC Centre.

About Ian McAllister’s work, The Hilda James Story – Lost Olympics

You don’t see too many interesting new biographies these days. The term seems to have become synonymous with “famous for ten minutes, probably famous for five more if we stick out a quick book”. Here’s something different:

Hilda James was the darling of British swimming in the 1920s; Britain’s first lady swimming superstar. She was also my grandmother, and this is her biography. It has taken 30 years to research, assemble and write.

Hilda introduced the American Crawl to the UK following the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp. The British team had won Silver Medals in the 4x100m relay, but to their astonishment the Americans not only took Gold, but finished a full 30 seconds ahead. The following day Hilda cheekily asked the American coach to teach her their radical new stroke. On returning to England, she inspired a swimming generation, starting a ladies’ swimming revolution and demolishing every British record from 100 yards to 1 mile.

By the time Great Britain was ready to select their 1924 Olympic Team for the Paris Games, Hilda James was the most talked about swimmer in Europe. The National swimming star was widely expected to exact revenge for her 1920 defeat. But there was a problem; her increasingly difficult and obtuse family were making it ever more difficult for her to carry on competing. Would Hilda even get to the games?

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