When you convert a club to a house what happens?

  1. In a club only Admins & Leaders open rooms. In a House any member can open rooms and hang-out in the lounge. A house is more like a Facebook Group.
  2. When you convert a Club to a house your Club members are invited to join your House. (They are not ported over! They have to accept the invite.)
  3. I repeat, your members aren’t ported over. If you go to the members of your house after a conversion you will see next to their names “Hasn’t joined yet” – Clubhouse doesn’t actually share this detail with you.
  4. As can be expected most of your members aren’t active when you do the conversion, they are also receiving other notifications so the likelihood that they convert is minimal.
  5. At the time of writing this when you convert you lose all Replays (they are working to fix this).

I hope this helps other people. We did the conversion and went from a 35,000 member club down to a few hundred actual House Members. We definitely have 28,000+ people with the “Hasn’t joined yet.” tag. In short the members we added over two years went from 35,000 to nearly zero in just a few clicks. Don’t make the same mistake!!!