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Website copy-writing and SEO

With a strong focus on search engine optimized (SEO) website copy-writing your website will receive more targeted traffic. SEO improves your ranking on search engines like Google and Bing helping your business stand out. The problem with search engine optimized writing is that it can at times sound unnatural; however, after many years of web writing, testing and learning to balance the two needs it is clear that a powerful balance can be achieved.

If you are looking for persuasive, high quality content that adheres to and leverages google’s and bing’s best practices with interlinked content, written by an English speaking author and entrepreneur that has helped clients rank for over 100,000 keywords: I’m your writer!

Business copy-writing and corporate literature

Your business solves problems and is focused on giving great value for money; you know this to be true, your potential clients need to hear you say it in a way they can understand and buy in to. Having worked extensively in marketing for over a decade I don’t just put words together, I aim to understand your business and present it to potential consumers in a way that they can relate to.

Experience is everything, the product or service benefits are a great place to start but what clients really relate to is the experience with your brand. I pay special attention to capturing your brand voice and using it in the writing as well as conveying the positive experience a client can expect when interacting with your brand.

History tells your clients a lot about who you are, what your brand stands for and the values your brand holds dear. Furthermore history is story and readers love a good story, focusing on both emotional and factual elements I love telling a brand’s story.

Story style copy-writing

Creative-writing and copy-writing can truly create an exceptional brand experience and some phenomenal marketing copy that really brings your potential client into your brand’s world. People love reading engaging stories and a carefully crafted story can truly bring your brand’s magic to the surface. One can of course simply state a product’s (or service’s) features and benefits; however there is power in story telling.

When Jane turned twenty-five her colleagues decided to organize a dinner to celebrate. What should have been an easy decision quickly became a battle of wills between her colleagues. One wanted to go to a steak house, another thought an Italian style restaurant was the way to go and others were pushing towards a more relaxed sports bar and restaurant.

Luckily John knew just the solution; Big Jack’s Shack!. Serving flame grilled steaks alongside delicious pizza cooked in a traditional wood burning Neapolitan pizza oven and offering a wide selection of snacks and delicious pasta. The place had a great atmosphere and even a little bar area …

Through the art of story telling you can highlight the type of experience a client can expect as well as highlighting the main features and benefits. The story above continued would give further insight into the decor of the place, special treatment to birthday guests and highlight the fact that going out for meal is not just about the food.

Product and Service e-zine style articles

Most products and services have a wide variety of talking points, I focus on talking points that cater to specific audiences. Understanding the intended audience and providing them the information that they need is what differentiates average writing from exceptional writing. Ultimately writing is just another way of having a conversation; for a conversation to be engaging one must ensure that the information provided is relevant and presented in a way that the reader can understand and relate to.

Search engine optimization is very important nowadays and it is the means by which most content finds itself in front of readers. When writing an article there are measures that can be taken to improve discover-ability. Geo-Specific search engine optimization can be very effective for small to medium businesses with a local audience in mind. Some of my articles which rank very well in their geographic region can be found here on All Malta Online.

Researched and in-depth Articles

As can be expected sometimes you want to really provide your audience with in-depth information or have specific SEO goals in mind that require more than the standard article approach. For example, one of my side projects led me to find out Why Writers Write (article for AuthorsPromoter.com). This article ranks world wide for the term Why Writers Write as well as other indirectly targeted keywords. As we know google and other search engines do change their algorithms but generally well researched content maintains a strong position in SERP’s (search engine ranking placements).

Should you require similar articles for your particular industry I would welcome the opportunity and look forward to providing you with a complete solution to your needs.

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