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Wispernling – The Agnostic Theists that know the Gods

In the process of writing my upcoming novel Wisperling I have had the pleasure of researching a number of subjects and Agnostic Theism is one I have found to be very interesting. Without giving too much of the story away, Wisperlings are beings that have evolved differently from humans; however a small faction of them are now on earth.

The Wisperlings are a soul like being which is a concept used in many modern day religions; in Wisperlings however this is explained more as an invisible element that as of yet technology cannot actually see even under tools such as the electron microscope.

These beings are obviously fictional but the story is set in a way that makes the existence of such beings plausible. Furthermore not only is their existence plausible but they have answers as to what many on earth perceive to be Gods. For this reason it was important to research a multitude of belief systems.

Agnostic Theists – Wisperlings

The Agnostic Theist has a simple logic to their belief; they know that they do not know of the certain existence of a God or equivalent super natural being but still believe that such a being exists. The interesting application of this in the novel is actually due to the fact that Wisperlings have a better deeper understanding of the universe and forces that humans would consider proof of the existence of a God.

The wisperlings however having said knowledge do not take this knowledge as certain proof of God as to them it is part of an everyday certainty. So for example a Wisperling knows of the substance we consider a soul, they see this as a life force that is able to manipulate other elements within their surroundings; to a human, seeing a soul or scientific proof of such a thing may lead them to ascertain that this is proof of God.

Another example is the Wisperlings ability to focus energy on certain problems within the body such as cancerous cells or an injury and repair it; such healing could be considered miraculous and a sign of God however they see it as an intrinsic part of their abilities and existence. In a sense Wisperlings see the current modern day human in the way we may look at our primitive ancestors; a lot of our advancements would convince a primitive human of the existence of God.

There are other examples in which the Wisperlings abilities could be construed as God like such as the manipulation of their surroundings enabling them to do things we as humans might consider miraculous. Walking on water is an example of this; however the way they achieve it is to them easily explained. They are able to bring the water molecules closer together; effectively freezing the area which they are stepping on.

The interesting point that is made throughout the book is that even with an above normal level of knowledge the Wisperlings remain agnostic theists.

It was therefore interesting as well to find that many notable scientists and world leaders would not be specifically classified as atheists. In fact even such brilliants scientists like Einstein were in fact Agnostic Theists. In a situation where there is lack of knowledge it is clear that one must then choose to believe or disbelieve especially if proving or disproving is near impossible.

It becomes apparent in the book that Wisperlings as a race are predominantly Agnostic Theists and like humans have different religious interpretations and organizations. I look forward to sharing more about my research over time and even maybe releasing some teasers from the book as the story progresses and nears publication.

In the meantime for more information about Agnostic Theism and Agnsotic Theists click here.

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