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Alcohol by CJ Deguara

The dazzling light of the sun shattered his alcoholic mind into bitter oblivion, regardless he would emerge victorious.  Quite some time had passed since the war begun, a vicious war with himself, his identity had had lost all reason for being and he would battle himself daily on the ever changing tides of life. One thing was certain, his battles would be long and arduous but finally he might just win his war and regain an identity now foreign to him.
Staggering along the rocky shore he felt dazed and confused, he had no grasp of his own reality; it had been a long night it all started at some place he called home; even though this man no longer knew the meaning of such a word.  A lost man cannot accept the love of others till he accepts the love of himself. Home is a place where others love you and you accept this love and gladly return it. Jack followed his urges towards a fresh bottle of vodka he softly ran his fingers over the neck as though he was caressing passionately the soft skin of a woman, his fingers quickly reached the top and he quickly removed the cap as though removing her clothing.

Jack would soon embrace his new found love passionately he would drown his sorrows deep in the excitement of romancing this lady like creature who’s voice, support and mere name shatters so many lives, alcohol would help him forget the miseries of his good life! He had friends that cared, a family that loved him, a comfortable living and so much more. No! His life as a misery!

Poor fellow he was missing the one thing that everyone needs, the love of one’s self, he was a pessimist and so he was doomed.  ‘The devil only conquers the weak!’ a friend had once told him. Jack replied “The devil would not want my soul! What’s it worth? He can have it for all I care” Alcohol is like evil it feeds only on the weak and convinces the weak that they feed on it!! Furthermore convinces them that they can derive strength, self confidence, tolerance, popularity and so much more just by consuming as needed.  A wise creature she is, portrays herself as weak and your humble servant while she slowly crushes you, she is patient, strong never ending and always in your face.
I ask you one question; if you cannot control yourself how can you ever believe you can control such a cunning creature, do not try and control alcohol, you will never succeed. On the other hand learn to control yourself and you will find a creature so strong that will make alcohol shudder and go down upon it’s knees and you will ignore it and leave it helpless, alcohol needs you!

He smiled a bit as he poured himself another glass, added some mixer and reached the glass to his lips, he enjoyed the taste, one bottle to start the night! The weaklings, bunch of kids, can’t even handle half of what I drink. I mean how do they stagger so fast? He joked with his lady friend.  She smiled back and teased him to carry on playing with her, some ice would be nice …… ……


– Written in 2004/ Important note, I am in no way the enemy of a nice drink, this was written with the intention of explaining the harm of excessive drinking on a regular basis, I believe that most people can enjoy alcohol responsibly but when it becomes a tool for escapism it can be a very dangerous drug like all others.


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