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Dear Death

To a world very different to our own there comes a time when our energy goes. When our bodies become weak and frail and we can no longer walk upon this world we must go elsewhere, none of us really know where this place is or how we get to it but it is very far from where we are right now. However it is sensible to believe that in our mind we have the answers, it makes sense to believe that our imagination is more than just a beautiful gift but also a hidden treasure trove of truths. Our imagination may very well be an alternate reality that is in and of itself as real as our present.

A memory of the past cannot be touched with our hands, it cannot be smelt with our nose or tasted with out tongue, it cannot be seen with our eyes and it cannot be heard with our ears but it is real; of this we are certain because we were once there. The same can be said of our imagination, it exists in the same place as our memories and this is why to some extent it is indeed real.

So first of all, the ones we love can never truly be gone; they exist in our memory as real as they existed in our present when we were able to see them, touch them and hear them. It is clear that the version of them that we remember from ten years ago and maybe a year ago are different, their skin changed, their opinions changed, their existence changed and in death it changed yet again. So it is sensible to believe that an even greater change occurred when they left their body behind to travel elsewhere.

There is much in life which we cannot prove by science but know with some certainty that even without proof or explanation they exist or existed. We are unable to determine what created sentient beings let alone what created matter itself, no matter how many things we can explain it is sensible to assume that we will never truly know what created existence itself. If what many refer to as God actually created everything we see, touch, hear, taste, experience and know; we still must ask who created God and in turn who or what created that which created our God and the spiral continues.

Acknowledging our limitations is powerful and it is with this acceptance that we open ourselves to explore our own awareness and dig deep within our own conscious and subconscious thought to find the answers to the questions which we will never have provable answers to. In death and birth we find the same questions although they are polar opposites they drive us towards the same depths. Certainly if one asks where we go after our bodies can no longer sustain us one must ask: where did we come from in the first place? Of course there are the scientific explanations, one little group of cells met another group of cells and these cells knew to grow into the creature they were intended to be. The explanation of the body no longer sustaining life is also explained by science but yet again questions remain unanswered; where did it all come from and where does it all go?

I choose to believe that the world and life is not simply what we can see, touch or physically perceive in any way but a much more spiritual world co-exists side by side. It is in this world; the one I cannot prove or explain that I believe the answers are. Fear not to delve into your imagination, to create stories and alternate realities, to share them with your friends and the ones you love. Never fear the beauty of this world, never fear the power of your own imagination. Rest in peace my dearly departed until the day I understand the truths of this world. I will rest easy knowing that there is much I cannot explain let alone prove but still I am certain you are with me each and every day in your very special way.

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