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Hello World

Welcome to CJ Deguara’s website 😛

CJ Deguara in Gozo
Hello; thanks for visiting my website. Websites and blogs are pretty great aren’t they? The internet is a pretty cool place; so many people from all over the world able to communicate with each other. Wow, it’s a kind of magic if you ask me. (Yes; I like Queen – Click the link to listen to the song, do you like it?)

I have been around the web for a while; I gave some thought to what I should write in this website and against all wisdom and knowledge I decided to use this website to do something I think is awesome. Communicate, chat, share and just have conversations with random people from all over the world. A little insight; I am by trade an online entrepreneur and an online marketing specialist. From experience I know that websites should have a clear focus and preferably focus on one subject; yawn! I also do copy-writing from time to time.

So against my own better judgement, this website is a whole collection of a wide variety of things; don’t expect to find one major focus. Posts about TV shows I like; advice about search engine optimization, random rambling, motivational articles, short stories, places I have been to and even a section with some of the services I provide. Yup; I am breaking all my own rules.

As you may already know I’m an author so expect to find some of my work floating around this website and even pesky links telling you to buy my books such as this one about Dear Drug Pusher a short book about drug addiction and the people that profit from it. I will probably also write about books I am still working on and little stories I write from time to time.

I am not the only author out there of course and I love reading; so expect to find some posts about books I am reading and links to Amazon or to Author’s Promoter (a website by me promoting authors from all over the world to new readers). I am looking for some help with the site, so if you’d like to interview authors and stuff like that, drop me a message.

The comments are a great place for us to have a chat and get to know each other a little better. Feel free to leave a comment or two, or even three. 🙂

To summarize though, this site/blog is all about the stuff that I love talking about; if we were friends and we probably will be … the content here is very much what we would probably talk about.

Hello World 🙂

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