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Author & Interviewer CJ Deguara

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Interviews for Author’s Promoter

CJ Deguara regularly interviews authors to help readers learn more about the authors and their works. One of the most extensive interviews answers the question Why Writers Write having interviewed over 100 published authors the findings are extremely interesting. Click the image below to visit Author’s Promoter. If you are an author, you can go ahead and request an interview.
Authors Promoter Interviews by CJ Deguara

Independent Interviews & Projects

CJ Deguara has years of experience interviewing specialists and business leaders in search of answers. His current project the stigma of addiction aims to create a resource for addicts, their loved ones and the entire community. A great resource for employers, decision makers and people needing a better understanding of addiction and the stigma surrounding it. This collection of interviews with Professors from notable Universities such as Harvard and Princeton; representatives from leading rehab centers, community support network representatives and other professionals will be a valuable resource.
Addicts also weigh in on the subject, with leading CEO’s, entrepreneurs, nurses and doctors who have suffered addiction showing us that recovery is possible and sustainable.

The Stigma of Addiction

Books Storyteller & Novelist

CJ Deguara draws from a deep life experience that spans two continents and a myriad of cultures. CJ Deguara writes about drugs, crime and fantasy with many works combining the three subjects. Having held out on a number of completed manuscripts to focus on his career as an entrepreneur and having built a successful business that still operates in Europe. The focus is now fully on writing and ensuring his readers get the very best experience.

Upcoming Novel December 2016

Satans Slave
1: the angel who in Jewish belief is commanded by God to tempt humans to sin, to accuse the sinners, and to carry out God’s punishment
2: the rebellious angel who in Christian belief is the adversary of God and lord of evil

Satan’s Slave will lure you in

Satan, bored of hard work takes a backseat and gives the sweat work to his slave. Forced into her role she is not sure how she feels about her working conditions. Lower angel Lyssa has her own take on what she should be doing when Satan isn’t looking.

Dear Drug Pusher

Dear Drug Pusher