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Charles Wells

Charles Wells author of Paranormal and Suspense Thrillers

Author Interview with Charles Wells

Interview started: Sunday, September 22, 2013 1:10 PM

Author’s Promoter: Welcome Charles Wells to Author’s Promoter chat interviews. How are you today?

Charles Wells: Very well thanks CJ.

Author’s Promoter: I would like to ask you a few questions for our lovely readers to get to know a little more about you. I would like to start by asking you what type of genres and topics do you write about?

Charles Wells: I wear several hats while writing CJ. My forte is short fiction (Twilight Zone format stories) but my bread and butter is Mystery/Suspense tinged with ESP Paranormal (mild.. not horror) For my own entertainment, I draw and publish cartoons (3 panels) called Talk Show.. 2 books of those are published and free at this time

Author’s Promoter: Quite a spectrum, I noticed your Whispering Pines, series, are these a short fiction series?

Charles Wells: No.. Whispering Pines is full blown novels.. 80,000 words average.. each book is a stand alone novel.. no cliff hangers.. nothing to FORCE the readers to buy the next book.

Click the image to visit Charles Wells site and learn more about the series.

Author’s Promoter: Are they at all sequential though? Would a reader benefit more by reading ‘The Begining’ first? Is there anything that ties them together?

Charles Wells: I think book 1 sets up the characters for the reader to get acquainted etc. After that, its go as you want.. there are minor character advancements etc that walk through the series in order.. so for premium enjoyment, read them in order.. but picking any of the 9 has not caused any problems for any readers that I’ve heard from.. so start with book 1.. then go as you like

Author’s Promoter: I shall indeed take your advice and start with ‘The Beginning’ in this case, I would like to know a little more about the first novel in the series. What is ‘The Beginning’ all about?

Charles Wells: The Beginning of Whispering Pines (thus the title) This entire string of stories started out as a short fiction story of mine.. but I kept adding scenes.. sub plots.. and before I realized it, the darn thing was 104,000 words.. (and that’s a dang LONG short story.. HA) The book is about a southern family (not stupid rednecks ) that have to correct the murder of their Grandfather and set the inheritance straight for the family. So it deals with an old murder and a present day threat when one of the two brothers goes missing.. the other brother goes looking for him.. and stirs up a hornet’s nest of problems, threats, and resolutions

Author’s Promoter: Wow quite a plot. Will we find any supernatural elements in ‘The Beginning’, if so what type?

Charles Wells: Very mild ESP.. only one character (Gail, the lead character’s heart throb) can hold an object and receive images and visions of where the object has been.. etc. My reader reviews say it’s well balanced paranormal blended and believable.. (We’ve all had minor premonitions) and her powers are weak in book 1.. but build quickly by book 9 (June bug and the Devil)

Author’s Promoter: Wow okay, so when reading your books what we can expect is believable paranormal elements; or do some of the books go a little wilder that that?

Charles Wells: No.. there is no wild or hard to swallow paranormal issues.. the exception is book 9.. there I take on religious theological issues by using her powers to see the evil inside a child murderer.. that book is borderline rated R.. but I held it to PG by force.. my books (all of them) are PG.. mild violence.. no graphic sex.. no hard profanity etc. The mystery part seems to be the prime focus of Whispering Pines.. the ESP is a pet project so to speak

Author’s Promoter: Oh excellent so we could classify the books as PG.
Author’s Promoter: Parental Guidance?
Author’s Promoter: Just making sure cause of the R rating being mentioned.

Charles Wells: Very much so.. PG.. Parental guidance for younger readers.. All my books are on the fringe of Young Adults.. PG.. and more thriller than mystery in most plots.. just plain fun reading

Author’s Promoter: Wow, now you mentioned that we will be meeting some intelligent (non-redneck) southerners; who are the main characters?

Charles Wells: All of the characters are intelligent.. and only one character (Catfish) is redneck and hick sounding.. many readers compare him to “Festus” on the old Gunsmoke TV series.. loveable.. brave.. comes off as dumb to those who don’t know better.. (Columbo type personality)

Author’s Promoter: Well we can’t quite have a Southern plot without at least one lovable redneck.

Charles Wells: amen. ahhahaha
Charles Wells: shoot yea’

Author’s Promoter: So who are the two main leading characters?

Charles Wells: That would be the brothers.. Matt and Chuck.. their friends in the rural area of Georgia fill the scripts.. many readers tell me they feel as though they have been dropped inside a family.. high morals but not hokey (if that makes sense) Folks who know when to fold their cards.. and when to stand their ground

Author’s Promoter: They sound like an interesting family. Now since there are two brothers I have to ask something about you. Do you have siblings yourself?
Charles Wells: HA.. My parents had six children.. I’m number 3.. grew up on a small farm in middle Georgia.. the geography.. locations.. are very real in Whispering Pines.. I tried to be like the famous western author, Louis LaMour (spelling.. dang) if there’s a rock in a story.. there is a rock in real life that put the rock in the story..

Author’s Promoter: Excellent, so would I be correct in saying that you are one of the authors that believes in: “write what you know and read what you don’t.”
Author’s Promoter: Of course adding a healthy splash of creativity and embellishment to make the story more entertaining.

Charles Wells: You would be very correct.. Fiction is 1000 times harder to write than truth.. With fiction, one has to write distorted truths to entertain.. .. so yes, as you said, a healthy splash of creativity is a good thing šŸ™‚

Charles Wells: My credo.. my reason for telling stories.. my logo is you care to call it that.. “If you ain’t having fun writing it, then nobody will have fun reading it.” and that is what I live by

Charles Wells: (poor grammar and all) HA

Author’s Promoter: So a little more about Charles Wells.
Where are you from Charles? I assume the south!

Charles Wells: I’m in middle Georgia.. sitting 2 miles from where I was born in 1951 ..

Author’s Promoter: How long have you been writing Charles and what motivated you to start?

Charles Wells: I can’t recall when I started.. when I was growing up, my brothers and cousins always wanted me to “tell us a ghost story” around campfires.. fireplaces etc .. I started writing them down on paper and went from there.. my full biography is on my website “About the Author” at www.wellstonpublishing.com

Author’s Promoter: Excellent so you are a born storyteller.

Charles Wells: my dad had a special place reserved for me behind the woodpile for telling stories.. ahhahahah (southern thing)

Author’s Promoter: Excellent so your writing/story telling career started with your family and friends and continued to grow from there.
Author’s Promoter: If we had to share a fun fact with our readers about you what would it be?

Charles Wells: That is how I track it.. yes. I cut my teeth writing for newspapers (truth.. not fiction) but as a second job of sorts.. worked my way up from there
Charles Wells: A fun fact .. I’m too young to die and too old to worry about it. I want to go to my grave with an ink pen in one hand and a handful of the doorway in the other (from where I fought being taken out of life) šŸ™‚

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