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The power of broke – why you can’t let broke break you.

Why I Rise & Grind

What do you see in the image above? It is a car engine, right? To you and the rest of the world it probably is, to me, it was my last hope of getting back home with my pets. If you are really into cars and engines you may know the approx size of the engine and some other factors. Look closer, where is the engine? If you have a keen eye you may start to notice that it is not in a fancy garage, heck it isn’t even inside a garage. That engine is in a private residence in Algarve, Portugal. That engine is about to be taken apart and recombined with another engine so that it can get me back to a place where I can generate revenue. That second hand, bought off E-bay, shipped from Minessotta engine is about to go into a 1999 Mercury Cougar originally from Michigan. That engine, however, is more than that, it is the last of what little money I had at the time and it is my only hope.

The world is full of angels though, this amazing guy from Portugal got why I couldn’t leave my pets behind. Not only did he get it, he genuinely wanted to help. So he and a few of his friends got the tools, many of which they borrowed and helped me get my car back on the road. It took a village, I’m not kidding you, we got machinery for reforming parts that wouldn’t match from one uncle’s farm, a piece of equipment to lift the engine from a hobbyist neighbor, another piece of equipment from his motocross buddies and a battery charger borrowed from a local bar owner. All this to help this random guy from Malta because he couldn’t afford to fix the car at the actual garage where this angel worked as a hand to the mechanic. It took some serious grind and I learned things about engines I never thought I would, all that was left was an alignment but I was out of time. 2 am, we’re at a high-performance tuning garage that he talked an old friend of his into opening to ensure my ride was safe and so I wouldn’t miss the discounted ferry crossing I had paid for from Barcelona to Rome.

We made it. We drove from Portugal to Spain stopping only for bathroom breaks, energy drinks, one very short nap and gas. Cramped up with what was left of our personal belongings I drove with one simple goal; get back to a place where I spoke the same language and could add value, the one place I could quickly get back to generating revenue after being left unpaid and on the verge of absolute poverty. For my wife and two-year-old daughter and the rest of the belongings, we got what little financial help we could and flew them back as well as sorted pickup and delivery of our goods. That boat, that sea, and that beach were each the very definition of hope.  I whispered to myself as I had when I was younger and things were rough: “things will get better”.

I could whimper, I could break-down and cry but the only way out of my predicament was through. I could have left my pets but when I took them in I had made a commitment, a binding contract. I don’t talk about it often but as a kid, my parent’s were a little touch and go, they were young; I’ll give them that but it didn’t stop me feeling like an unwanted rag. The details are probably irrelevant but let’s just say I have some serious issues with abandonment. To some people, it won’t make sense but I couldn’t leave my pets, I just couldn’t, in them, I saw a little piece of me and I wasn’t about to abandon them because the going got tough.  So from Portugal, we got to Malta somewhere I could #RiseAndGrind, somewhere I had credibility and could give value. Malta wasn’t where we wanted to get to though; you guessed it, I wanted back to where I was born, where it all started! We worked, we lived with family for a while, then we moved into our own place again, then we put money away. We had some more bumps along the way but none that took us as low as our little trip to Portugal, nothing we couldn’t handle.

We f$$ing made it, yes on the left that’s Bow being his cool self in a motel. Wait what you thought we’re rolling in it? I just explained we were at below zero, that motel was breakeven. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t poor but let’s just say everything that comes in goes back into the business. The middle image is Arrow, he is letting that tree know who’s boss! He made it; and that tree, well that’s what hurricanes do. The last photo, that’s me feeding a zebra from inside my car because through all of this we still managed to get a working holiday to Israel and why not go on a safari?

It was more than that though, that tunnel on the left is one of the many I went through to get to where I am today and I’m only just getting started. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to keep pushing till you get to it. The next image, well who doesn’t want to see a big hippo up close? I think with all we went through the kiddo deserved some R&R so Eurodisney in Paris seemed fitting and for Mama and Papa we squeezed in some sightseeing. The Palace of Versailles is the very definition of opulence, I highly recommend visiting it if you are ever able to, the Eiffel Tower of course, Arc De Triomphe? Oui! Je parle en petite peu de francais … I got to practice some very rusty French and remind myself that Broke won’t break me.

What’s my point?

This is a small chapter in my life, a fragment of who I am and how I got to be here. As a kid life was rough and books got me through it, as I got older I kept reading. The book below is one I landed on and I recommend you read. There is power in being broke and it can’t break you unless you let it.

I didn’t write a book about the power of broke, I experienced the power of broke, I still have a lot left to learn. I read the power of broke and the value I got out of it was amazing. I shared a piece of my journey because it made me stronger and hardship, failures and mistakes didn’t make me any less; they made me more. I don’t care what point you’re at in your life, it doesn’t matter where you are, what matters is where you want to go. Many people talk about mentors but the right mentors aren’t always easy to find, especially in a foreign country where not many speak your language but mentors and wisdom also come in little packages called books. If you haven’t read The Power of Broke click the image of the book above and go buy it, read it, I promise you, you will thank me.

If you’re lucky, you already read the book above. Well, guess what Daymond John, The People’s Shark from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank went a couple of steps further and wants to give you more. A message that is just as powerful as The Power of Broke if not more! Rise and Grind, featuring the amazingly successful people below:

Rise and Grind by Daymond John with Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, Catherine Zeta-Jones and more!

Look, I’m proud of how far I’ve gotten, I won’t let anyone take that away from me, I earned it. BUT These people, these amazing people they are playing on a whole other level, they are a treasure trove of information on how you can improve your Grind and get the mindset of success. Even just as an ambassador, a little guy trying to swim next to the big fish I cannot help but feel like I am part of something great; something I need to share with you! Daymond John is diving in there and bringing these people and their best advice and life experiences into one book for you to leverage for your own success. The book is not out yet, it is, however, available for pre-order and I’m buying in. If you are interested in placing a pre-order either click on the image above or this link: Rise and Grind by Daymond John

Gary Vee! You may or may not know who he is, but you need to.

This guy is a straight shooter, no nonsense kick in the rear you sometimes need to get out there and start or continue making money and adding value to your community. His advice is sound, he has his own books, I’ve read them, they’re awesome but I have a feeling Daymond John is going to squeeze more out of him. The way Gary Vee sees the world is just different and I love it, you will to!

I only share my hardships so if you’re there you can get up and move forward. SO you can know you’re not alone and that if you make it better it gets better. I’m somewhat grateful for my hardships; I have since a young age wanted to take any pain, strife or hardship and find value in it; for myself and others. For me perspective is taking a bad situation and squeezing the good out of it, I’m eager to learn more about Gary Vee’s perspective on perspective. All the big guys and gals talk about gratitude, there has to be something to it – don’t you think?

??? What do you make of this? Less talk and a little more action? Maybe, the other part of it is that people will see what you produce; they will see the value you bring not because you tell them to but because you show them. I may be wrong, heck I may be way wrong and I’ll only be sure when I read the surrounding bits to this quote in the book; for now I’ll have to stick to the good old – less talk and a little more action. 🙂 What do you make of this quote?

I hear you! I want some more insight but I hear you!

I hope you have enjoyed my little story and look forward to sharing more with you over time. I only wish that if you are in a dark place or thinking of giving up; don’t! Reach out or reach deep inside yourself and move forward, just go, go, go! The rest will follow just don’t stop moving.


I’m not saying rush in the wrong direction but don’t let doubt keep your feet sinking in the quicksand of inaction! #RiseAndGrind.




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