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Anne Griffith

Anne Griffith Nationality: American

Type of writing: Novels
Genre: Literary Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Horror
Other Genre/ Type of writing : Conspiracy, Medical thriller
Best Work so far: Mortal Gods

Anne Griffith American Author
Anne Griffith American Author

About : Anne Griffith

Anne Griffith has served the State of New Mexico as an Emergency Medical Technician for the past 5 years. She has worked in both rural and urban settings. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and prior to becoming a paramedic and an author, she created a multitude of educational curriculums that are used in both the United States and other foreign countries.

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Anne Griffith : Mortal Gods

Pregnant women in Albuquerque, New Mexico are being tortured and mutilated in secluded areas of the city. Cut out of their mother’s bellies, the babies that once squirmed happily inside them are nowhere to be found. Albuquerque Homicide Detective, Peter Kostas, is in a stale mate. He has been chasing the monster responsible for these heinous crimes for almost a year now. No one can tell him who the victims are or where they come from. But thanks to local paramedic, Lillian Martin, his latest victim is alive but in critical condition at the University Hospital. The only clue the last victim has to offer Peter is a small, unknown medical device that protrudes from her once pregnant abdomen. Lillian recognizes its structure as a self-administering medication port, but she has never heard of any condition requiring its use. Discovering the purpose of the port will change their lives…forever, but can they find the babies and catch the killer before it’s too late? Or is this case larger than they realize? Things are never as they appear to be on the surface…

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