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Diane Major

British author of the books Children of Fury, I am Nine, Enmitus and more

Photo of Author Diane Major of Author of a number of books
Photo of Author Diane Major of Author of a number of children’s novels.

Nationality: British
About The Author: Diane grew up in Horden, a mining village in the North East of England. She is happily married with two grown daughters and two grandchildren.
Genre: Action, Adventure, Children – Writing for, Fantasy, Fiction, Supernatural
Type of Writing: Novellas, Novels
List of Works to date: Children of Fury, I am Nine, Enmitus – The Transformation, Enmitus, The Children, Like Hell Itself, Mason and Bess – The Adventure Begins
Self-Published with: Lulu
Best Work so far: I am Nine

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Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/232241813520751/

Website: www.dianemajorauthor.co.uk
Blog: http://diane-newauthor.blogspot.co.uk/

About Diane Majors Books

Children of Fury http://viewbook.at/146787969X , An alternative immortal, (Within a period of turmoil for the immortals, Heron is born. A Fury like no other with a legacy for vengeance spanning thousands of years. In England during the 1400s he meets a young woman named Aimee who has already met her soulmate. As their paths collide with catastrophic results a story of retribution spanning centuries and continents unfolds. Love can create comfort or even hatred, but can also be found where we expect is least…)

I am Nine http://viewbook.at/1467880876 , An alternative presen, (As people across the world die from some incurable disease, Naomi a five year old girl who lives in England is torn from her parents. Naomi finds herself alone, growing up on a ship wit strangers, as she journeys across the sea into a new and very different future on the American coast. A future where a pack of vicious dogs as well as cannibals roam the land…)

Enmitus – The Transformation (Sci Fi/ Fantasy) http://viewbook.at/1477214542 (When spaceships leave a dying Earth it is not until centuries and galaxies later that survivors reach planets which will support human life. A community from one of the ships builds a life underground on a barren and ominous planet named Serenitus. Princess Corinna lives a contented life under the surface of Serenitus, with her father Great Lord Corin, completely oblivious to the deceit surrounding her and her people. This is until… powerful Lords from neighbouring planets arrive, the destinies of Corinna and those around her are about to change, forever. Corinna’s strength and ability to survive is tested to extraordinary lengths when she is forced to marry a cruel and evil man who is already devoted to a dangerous and despicable woman. Her own heart breaks as she realises her love for another. A story of danger, love, hate, cruelty, deceit and revenge…)

Enmitus – The Children, http://viewbook.at/129129385X Sci Fi/Fantasy, (When Corinna leaves the barren planet of Serenitus and travels home, it is clear that war is imminent. She returns to her much loved husband Tacari with grave news. Tacari’s father, Great Lord Zeal has been murdered, and his brother, Blayze is seriously wounded. Should their enemy Great Lord Michio recover from his injuries he will want revenge. The problems for the planet of Enmitus have just begun. Princess Corinna will need all her strength and courage in the dark times ahead. There are battles to be fought, and children to look after in these dangerous times. This is a story of love, hate, betrayal, lies, deceit, danger and revenge…)

Like Hell Itself, Ghost Story, http://viewbook.at/1291230777 (Ellen and her friend had a tough time growing up in care. On reaching adulthood they begin to despair, their whole life seems to go from bad to worse. It is a rainy afternoon when Ellen decides to risk what little money the two friends have left on a lottery ticket. To Ellen and Yvonne’s amazement their luck is about to change, or is it? Yvonne decides to stay in London and start her own business, while Ellen moves to her dream house in the countryside situated near the quaint old village of Chipford. Ellen has just begun to settle into her new home when she begins to dream. It isn’t long before these dreams turn into nightmares and she begins to wonder when and how this will all end…)

Mason and Bess – The Adventure Begins, http://viewbook.at/B00BS4VI0I Children Book 8-12 years, (Mason lives with his Mom, and their cocker spaniel named Bess. The little family live in a small town and Mason attends the local school. Without his Mom’s permission, Mason takes part in the annual Sports Day. Mason’s actions trigger a series of events which will dramatically change their future…

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