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American Author Douglas Dandridge
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Doug Dandridge was born to a native Floridian father and transplanted French Canadian mother (by way of New York) in 1957. He was raised in the Catholic Church and attended Catholic School in Venice Florida. Doug spent a lot of time outdoors and grew up watching the Saturn V shots from across the peninsula. The parents always took summer vacations that led them up the Atlantic coast and into Canada, exploring historical sites such as the Plymouth Rock, as well as modern attractions such as the 1967 World’s Fair. In High School Doug was a member of Marine Corps JROTC, and went on to spend time in the Army and National Guard. He became proficient with most infantry weapons, including the German MG1, and received training in Airmobile operations. Doug spent a long time, too much it would seem, in college, attending FSU in Tallahassee for ten years while studying Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Physics and finally graduating with a degree in Psychology. He went on to the University of Alabama to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology, finishing with a Masters Degree and all course work needed for the PhD. He was married in Alabama, and has since parted from his former wife as friends. More recently he has taken pre-nursing courses and made an attempt at nursing school that came to naught due to health problems. He currently works for The Department of Children and Families in Tallahassee, a job he is hoping to write his way out of.
Doug was an avid reader at an early age, devouring Marvel comics at six, and reading everything written by Verne and Wells by age eight, as well as Dracula and Frankenstein. Doug discovered Robert E Howard, Robert Heinlein, Poul Anderson and Isaac Asimov by ten, and has read literally thousand of books in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. In high school one English teacher told him he needed to become a writer. He discovered Larry Niven and JRR Tolkein in his twenties. He also enjoys reading history, alternate history al la Harry Turtledove, and science, and is an avid moviegoer. He enjoys science fiction and fantasy on TV, even through shows which seem to have little in common with the science part of the name. At a younger age Doug was into a number of martial arts and still enjoys shooting at the local range. He played competitive volleyball for twenty years and was a devout weightlifter before destroying a rotator cuff with heavy lifting. He was also a scuba diver and motorcyclist when he could afford those activities.
Doug started writing seriously in 1997, after leaving graduate school. He wrote a number of awful books before he got the knack of dialogue. In 1998 he met both Holly Lisle and Charles Sheffield online, and was privileged to have both authors read his work and tell him he had what it took to get published. He took the BrotherofCats nickname as a moderator on Holly Lisle’s Forward Motion Site, where he was the research and world building expert. He started sending novels to publishers right away, avoiding agents after falling for a scam. Some novels resulted in form rejections, while some, like The Deep Dark Well, were praised by multiple publishers but still didn’t result in a sale. Doug started testing agents in 2010, but soon tired of form rejections from people he didn’t know that he attempted to convince were just right for him, who in many cases showed a complete lack of attention to the work. He started self publishing on Amazon and Smashwords on December 31, 2011, and has not stopped since. Doug used to produce at least 2,000 words a day every day, but work in designing covers, the website, blogging, and other promotions of his work has taken a good chunk of this writing time out of his day. His website, Imagination Unlimited, currently boasts over forty pages and two thousand links, while his blog on WordPress, Doug BrotherofCats Dandridge, comes out three times a week with posts on tropes, movies, comics and book promotions. Doug currently lives in Tallahassee with his five cats, and with time devoted to writing, work and college sporting events, both men and women’s, have little time for much else.

Doug Dandridge: Projects, Past, Current and Future.

Past works that are unpublished and probably always will be are the alternate history novel The Convoy, two fantasy novels of Refuge, The Quest, The Cross and the Sword and The Ravening Blade (these novels are either too much work to bring up to par or outdated by new ideas) as well as a trio of exposes’. All of these novels were written in the late nineties.

Published Works:

The Deep Dark Well (Hard Sci-fi, written 2004, Published 2011): An Alabama born Kuiper Belt miner jumps through a wormhole 46,000 years into the future, to an enormous station around a black hole that used to be the center of Galactic Civilization.

The Hunger (Urban Fantasy, written 2007, published 2011). A drug addict prostitute is turned by a vampire before she can expire after her pimp cuts her throat. Now a free agent, she preys on the kind of people who tormented her in life.

The Scorpion (Hard Sci-fi, written 2007, Published 2012). The world’s deadliest terrorist survives as a mind upload, and sends cloned bodies of trusted people to strike at the United States. Can the man who stopped him once put an end to his plans before he knocks the Great Satan into the Stone Age.

The Shadows of the Multiverse (Hard Sci-fi, written 2005, published 2012). The Universe has had many intelligent species, but they tend to disappear at regular intervals. Now the creatures that destroyed them are back from their home dimension, and three unlikely heroes are the only ones who can stop them.

Diamonds in the Sand (written 1999, published 2012): A healthy scientist working on Nanotech is found dead of an apparent heart attack in his locked lab. The suspects are many, and it is up to a Sarasota detective, an ex-Army Ranger cyborg, to solve the crime.

Doppelganger: A Novel of Refuge (written 2007, published 2012). When the Immortal Emperor Kurt’s Empress is kidnapped, he must give up his throne in order to track her down. But the Evil Empire of Tarakesh and its Immortal Emperor Heinrich have other plans.

Refuge: The Arrival: Books 1 & 2 (written 2010, published 2012): A nuclear war in Central Europe opens the dimensional gates wide, and millions of Earth people are transported to a world of fantasy. The evil Ellala Elf Emperor sees them as soul energy to use to make himself immortal. But the humans have brought their toys with them, as well as a number of true Immortal Demigods. Its use it or lose it for the human warriors. Hope this will be the start of a long series.

Daemon (written 2010, published 2012): Steampunk Fantasy. The world of magic is dying, but Daemon corporation may have found a way out of the corner. Capturing intelligent creatures from another dimension to power the magical grid. But something has come across with the harmless little creatures, and it is killing employees of the company.

Afterlife (written 2010, published 2012): When a corporation promises immortality through mind upload the religious community is outraged. Soon legal action turns into armed conflict, as the residents of the virtual reality cyberworld must defend themselves from law enforcement and the military.

Exodus: Empires at War: Books 1 & 2: (written 2010, coming soon): The remnants of mankind flee from an implacable foe bent on the destruction of humanity. Reestablishing themselves in another Galactic arm, they grow into a power to be reckoned with. The old enemy finds them, and it becomes a fight to the finish. Real science and physics mixed with future technologies, I hope this becomes the start of a long science fiction series.

Works not published but written:

The Chronicles of Connor McMenamin: The Eirish Flight: (written 2008, not published). A fantasy set in an early gunpowder world, this was written as the first part of a trilogy. At this time I don’t have the resources to take on another series so it languishes on the hard drive.

Aura (Fantasy, written 2010, ready for third revision): Triplets are born in a world in which the aura is everything as far as magic is concerned. One is born with a superior aura, making her destined for greatness. One has a weak aura, dooming him to a life of servitude. And one is without an aura, making him an abomination who can’t be affected by magic. The two brothers must band together to save their sister from a fate worse than death, the takeover of her physical form by an evil God.

Tau Ceti (Working title which will not be the release title, written 2011-2012, in first draft stage) A hard science fiction novel in which aliens invade the solar system leading to a war in space. Can new technologies be invented in time to save the human race? I call this my protest to Independence Day.

Soulless (hard sci-fi, written 2011-2012) A man loses his soul after being recreated in a Nanotech teleportation experiment. He improves and replicates himself, his new psychopathic personality intent on World Conquest.

Theocracy (hard sci-fi, written 2011-2012) Based on both Exodus and The Deep Dark Well, a monk in a primitive culture gets caught up in a war between two solar systems, one a republic, the other a religious government of Theocracy.


To Well and Back (current WIP) Pandora Latham and Watcher are back as the Nations of Humanity tries to conquer the outer Supersystem. Direct sequel to The Deep Dark Well.

Uncle Joe’s War: (Alternate History, started 2011, at about 20,000 words). Stalin attacks Germany after the Reich falls to an internal coup.

Untitled: (Alternate history, started 2011) Men quantum tunnel their consciousnesses back to Germany in 1939 to take over the minds of the Nazi leaders and prosecute a successful war. Others tunnel back to the minds of the allies, but miss their targets. 10,000 words so far. Not sure when either of these alternate histories will be finished.

Of course the continuation of the Refuge and Exodus series, as well as completing The Deep Dark Well series as a trilogy and Theocracy as a trilogy. As well as too many other ideas to really go into in limited time.

Favorite Character: Probably Pandora (Pandi) Latham, the heroine of The Deep Dark Well, and main character of my work in progress. She’s a strong woman who is intelligent and inquisitive and sometimes looks before she leaps into strange situations. She is good in a fire fight and keeps her head in stressful situations. And she is also caring and compassionate to her friends, putting herself at risk to ensure their well-being, but will also go out of her way to crush an enemy. I think she is the person most of us would want to be if given the choice, someone who does not shy from adventure but seeks it out, while still trying to do the right thing.

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