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Greg Cummings

Canadian Author of Thriller Novels

Canadian Author of Thriller Novels Greg Cummings
Canadian Author of Thriller Novels such as the book Pirates Greg Cummings

Nationality: Canadian
Type of writing: Novels
Genre: Thriller
Best Work so far: PIRATES

About Greg Cummings

An award-winning wildlife conservationists, Greg Cummings achieved remarkable success protecting gorilla populations in the wild, through community-based initiatives in East and Central Africa. In a career spanning two decades, he personally raised over $10 million dollars for this work, and formed enduring relationships with the Gates Foundation, World Bank, European Union, UNESCO, and US Fish & Wildlife – to name just a few. What really motivates him is a vision of a strong, indigenous movement for development in Africa – owned and managed by Africans for the good of future generations. Since 2009 he has been a director of WildLIGHT, a registered charity in Uganda where he lives.

Where can you find the Author Greg Cummings?
https://www.facebook.com/gregory.scott.cummings http://talesfromtherift.blogspot.com

Represented by Maggie Smith, Ed Victor Ltd.

GORILLALAND, Cutting Edge Press, London 2012 – Fast-paced, gripping action adventure set in the Congo jungle
PIRATES, Cutting Edge Press, London 2013 – A terror plot in northern Somalia pits Islamists against Pirates

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