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Gunilla Haglundh

Sweedish Author, Business Journalist and PR Executive living in Australia

gunilla haglundh manly murders
Gunilla Haglundh author of manly murders as well as being a business journalist and PR executive.

About Gunilla Haglundh

Author, business journalist and PR executive.
At the date of this posting,Gunilla has written twenty books and her first fiction novel Manly Murders. Her other books have mainly been about SME and private finance.

Having lived in Australia for 10 years, Gunilla is hoping that some of her Swedish genes will have some connections to some very famous Swedish crime writers; Stieg Larsson (The girl with the dragon tattoo) and Henning Mankell (Kurt Wallander). Plans for the Manly Murder television series are in hand.

List of Written works by Gunilla Haglundh

Manly Murders

Manly Murders – A Mother Without A Child
First novel in new Australian Crime fiction series. The inspiration for Manly Murders comes from the long running series Midsomer Murders.
The book is based in Iconic Manly, NSW Australia. While the story and characters are fiction the landmarks and businesses are real.

Other Works by Gunilla Haglundh

Succession planning for Family businesses (Generationsskifte i familjeforetag ), 2000
Economic Dictionary (Ekonomisk ordbok), 2000
The Challenge of Living in Harmony (Jakten pa tillvaron eller att leva i harmoni), 1999
Conversation with the Dalai Lama (Samtal med Dalai Lama), 1999
Swedish Industries with 10 years prospective (Svensk industri 10 ar framat), 1998
The Life of a Restaurant (Restaurangliv), 1998
Economy for Everyone (Ekonomi till vardags), 1997
Succession planning for Family businesses-taxes (Generationsskifte i familjeforetag),1997
The book of insights (Insikternas bok), 1997
Your company 1997 (Ditt Foretag 1997)
Your company 1996 (Ditt Foretag 1996)
Successful companies (Vinnarforetagen), 1995
Your company 1995 (Ditt Foretag), 1995
500 ideas for times of crises (500 spartips i kristider), 1994
Private economy yearbook 1994 (Privatekonomisk arsbok 1994)
The challenge of living in harmony (Jakten pa tillvaron eller att leva i harmoni), 1994
Private economy Yearbook 1993 (Privatekonomisk arsbok 1993)
A new generation in the family-taxes (Generationsskifte i familjeforetag), 1993
A little book about the Bond Market (Lilla Obligationshandsboken), 1992
(Title in brackets are Swedish original title)

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