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American Novelist, Crime Fiction, Thriller

Photo of Hoss Kenneth Indie Author
Hoss Kenneth Indie Author of the Kelli Storm Series. Storm Rising, Storm Warning and the upcoming Eye of the Storm.

About Kenneth Hoss

Kenneth Hoss was born at Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1957 to Albert and Mary Hoss. He served a combined total of fourteen years on active duty from 1974 to 1987 in both the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy. His tour in the Army took him to Frankfurt, Germany where he had the opportunity to travel Europe. While in the Navy, Kenneth spent most of his time stationed in San Diego and Long Beach. His Navy travels took him to Hawaii, Guam, The Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Okinawa, the Middle East and Pakistan. He has lived in several States, including South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Washington and California. During his Navy service, Kenneth served several tours on Shore Patrol and as a Master-at-Arms. After leaving the service, Kenneth spent two years as a Police Officer in Southern California before resigning and becoming an IT Technician.

Interview with Kenneth Hoss September, 22nd, 2012

Why does Kenneth Hoss write ?

When asked why he writes Kenneth Hoss is quick to reply, “Because I have to, I have to, I’ve got all these stories in my head I have to get them out; and I just love to write.”

From our interview it is clear that from a young age Kenneth has always had a story or other to tell, Kenneth took me back to his high-school years where in his own words, “At lunchtime I’d go sit under a nice tree and just start writing stories”, at that time Kenneth was into Sci Fi and Fantasy with his main influences being Bradbury and Azimov, “of course it was all hand written, and I did not have a typewriter, of course we did not have computers”.

It is clear that early on Kenneth had already started having a few fans of his work, this became apparent quite recently in his life when an Ex-girlfriend from High School actually helps Kenneth get started again with his writing, to allow him to deliver the novels that many are starting to love, waiting patiently and sometimes impatiently for his next novel. (Kenneth has told me that he does get some fans badgering him for their next fix of Kelli; it is clear that his readers have as he has, made a personal connection to Kelli and want to know more about her.)

Kenneth did write on and off for quite a while. Recently things changed and Kenneth really decided to take the full plunge. Kenneth Hoss tells us at Author’s Promoter about what got him back into writing; “this most recent thing, actually was an Ex-Girlfriend from high school, I met up with her on Facebook, and we started emailing and she asked me if I was still writing and I said no; and she was like why not? I loved your stories; ” she was quite adamant about getting Kenneth back into his writing and sent him a few starter lines to get him started; and it seems to have worked “it got my creative juices flowing again”.

Kelli Storm, brought to life!

Admittedly he was not too happy with his first work but it got him back into writing and allowed him to meet Kelli, “just out of nowhere Kelli came up and was like hey I got this story and I want you to tell it!”
I want to be clear at this point that this next part is my opinion; but I utterly loved the way Kenneth introduced Kelli to me, I was near certain she was a real live person telling him her story; even though I had read that she was a fictional character I had to do a quick double take and ask Kenneth to clarify if this novel series was based on a real person. Further on I begin to truly understand the magic; I can feel a real connection between Kenneth and his leading character in the book and I am quite certain this is what makes Kenneth’s writing special to many of his readers, he really brings Kelli to life! By the end of the interview I found myself reading the first *cheat chapter off Amazon and adding it to my list of [to read] once I’m done with the two books I am reading at the moment.

Soon enough we were talking about the bad guys too; Kenneth let me know a little about Miguel Garcia, but I was not going to be given a free ride that easily, I would have to read the book, does Kelli catch her fathers killer? Does Kelli put the bad guy away? How bad is Miguel? Really? I would have to read to find out, I am honestly glad that this is the case as I am looking forward to reading the novels. However what I did get is that Miguel is indeed a bad guy, his most prominent trait; he instils fear in those around him.

Kelli ignores – Kenneth Hoss’s plot lines and planning!

“I did an extensive outline, you know I knew where I wanted the plot to go,” “did all the character bios, research and everything, and as I got into the book the further I get in, the further away from the outline I get, and I realise that Kelli was guiding the story not me. ”

This interests us, as once again it brings out the strong elements in place that make Kelli real and alive, both to the author Kenneth Hoss as well as to the readers. It is also interesting that many of the greatest authors in history have often made it clear that the plotline often winds up taking second place once the characters get a life of their own.

Who does Hoss write for?

From early on in our interview it is clear that Kenneth writes because he has to, his mind is full of great stories he needs to get out there; he also as he put it writes for Kelli, she has a story she wants to tell and Kenneth is writing it for her.

However we are interested in knowing who is reading Kenneth’s books, from our conversation it is clear that women form a bond with Kelli, she is a strong female character whilst still holding onto her feminine side, at times allowing emotion to drive her. This means that pre-dominantly more women are bound to be Hoss’s readers however due to the thriller, crime, aspects of the series it makes a great read for both sexes, Kenneth is aware of a few male readers also and I am certain that having a female lead character in a crime fiction novel is a welcome change for many.

Where does Kenneth Hoss get his writing done?

Kenneth makes it clear that he loves to write and wish he could do it full time, looking forward to the day when he can; Kenneth Hoss currently writes mostly at home; where you would find him with a pair of ear plug headphones listening to classical rock music which as he puts it both he and Kelli like, it helps him connect with his lead character and story teller.

Kenneth also carries a spiral bound notepad and a pen with him even when visiting the pub or might we say especially when visiting the pub; Kenneth is honest in telling me that sometimes alcohol can help loosen the creative juices and since you never know when that muse is going to hit you; there is a great possibility that you may just walk into the pub to find Kenneth scribbling away rapidly at his notepad.

Kenneth will write pretty much anywhere, from underneath a tree in lunch break at high school to his desk at home or down at the pub with friends, Kenneth is clearly a social guy and he is not hiding deep in some cellar churning pages away. Sometimes when he gets a great idea whilst at work he will shoot off a one or two line email to himself to remember for later but he simply does not have the time to be writing whilst at work.

When Does Kenneth Hoss write

Kenneth tries to get some writing done on a daily basis even if it is just a few hundred words, however he gets most of his writing done on weekends. It can be quite difficult to get writing in after a long day at work but none the less Kenneth is dedicated and will put some words down.

Kenneth Hoss’s favourite and most disliked character

We do go into this a little bit, but it is quite clear that Kenneth has a strong attachment to Kelli and she is by far his favourite character in the novel, Miguel on the other hand being the bad guy and constantly wanting to kill off Kelli does sort of put him on Kenneth’s dislike list. We do throw the term “the enemy of my friend becomes my enemy”; then again I might have thrown that out there myself as by now I am also really starting to feel a strong sense of caring for Kelli thanks to the excellent way Hoss has presented her to me.

Editing and Review for Kenneth Hoss’s work

Unfortunately we do hear a lot of buzz about indie authors not having highly finished work; sometimes lacking in editing. For this reason I am curious to know how Kenneth ensures top quality work for his readers and I am utterly thrilled and intrigued by the method he is using.

Kenneth Hoss turns to a number of beta readers he has built over time to help him in delivering high quality work; he makes it clear that this helps him in a number of ways, from feedback on story line, which could be looked as the equivalent to developmental editing as well as to catching typos, ‘to’ and ‘too’ type errors and much more, meaning that the work is both copy edited and developmentally edited by real readers. At the end of the day, the best people to review your work are indeed the very people the work is intended for. I give a thumbs up to Kenneth for having this side of things under wraps and honestly think that even non-indie authors could take a leaf out of Kenneth’s system to deliver quality work.

Cover art for the Kelli Series

Looking at the cover art on Kenneth Hoss’s book it is professionally done and being in the field of marketing, advertising and web design I am really intrigued about who to complement for the work, I am happily told by Kenneth that the art work is provided for him by WGA (George Arnold) designs, a design company based in Canada the designer being Carolyn Arnold’s husband, Carolyn is an author, that Kenneth met on Absolute Write and whom he helped go down the self publishing route, they are friends and in constant communication as well as being readers of each others work.

Getting in touch with Author Kenneth Hoss

Kenneth does have a blog where he is quite active and we do suggest visiting to keep up with him as well as other authors, Kenneth is a great guy and is constantly helping other Indie Authors out and featuring them on his blog.
Kenneth Hoss

Or you can follow Kenneth on twitter @kennhoss

Crime Fiction, Thriller, Novels by Kenneth Hoss

Kelli Storm Series
Storm Rising (2011)
Storm Warning (2012)
Eye of the Storm (Work in progress)

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