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British Author; Novels, Magazines and other prose

British Author of Career Opportunities Ian Hunter
Jason Hart lived for three things. Casual sex, cheap drugs, and rock n roll. Someone is going to get killed. It is just a matter of who.

Works by British Author Ian Hunter

Career opportunities

Career Opportunities (Amazon) begins with the brutal murder of one of the books main characters. It then goes back a year and follows the chaotic, and often hilarious, adventures of The Angels, a young hedonistic rock n roll band, as they attempt to hit the big time. Led by anti hero, Jason Hart, The Angels, entertain, rob, and charm, their way around the country from one chaotic exploit to the next, until they finally cross the wrong people.

Career Opportunities follows the chaotic, and often hilarious, adventures of The Angels; a fictional rock’ n’ roll band led by the hedonistic anti hero, Jason Hart. With a blind drummer, who can’t seem to stop setting himself on fire, and in a bombed out van that is possessed by Elvis, The Angels sail the venues and clubs of England like a latter day pirate crew. Robbers, charmers, and entertainers. They will do anything to anything, just so long as there’s some fun involved.

More Info: Currently working on the sequel, Pseudonyms.

About the Author Ian Hunter

Ex musician, record company exec.

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