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Marsha Cornelius

American Author of Fiction, Romance and Thriller Novels

Author Marsha Cornelius of the books H10N1 - Losing it All - The Ups and downs of being dead
Book Cover of Author Marsha Cornelius’s H10N1 She has also written – Losing it All & The Ups and downs of being dead
Nationality: American
Type of writing: Novels
Genre: Science Fiction, Romance, Thriller

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About Marsha Cornelius

After working for fifteen years as a cafeteria manager in an elementary school, Marsha Cornelius turned in her non-skid shoes for a bathrobe and slippers. She now works at home, writing novels, acting out scenes with her cats, and occasionally running a Swiffer across dusty surfaces. Like thousands of others, she thought she could write romance, but soon discovered she was a dismal failure. She did increase her repertoire of adjectives such as throbbing, pulsing, thrumming, vibrating, hammering, pumping . . . Cornelius resides in the countryside north of Atlanta with her husband. Her two grown sons occasionally visit for clean laundry and a hot cooked meal.

Marsha Cornelius’s Books

H10N1 – Survivors of a worldwide flu pandemic search for a safe haven.
The Ups and Downs of Being Dead – A 57 year-old man chooses cryonics over death by cancer.
Losing It All – A homeless man helps a mother and her two small children get off the streets of Atlanta.

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