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Samantha Dorrell

British Author of Supernatural Novels

photo of British Author Smantha Dorell All Hope Lost
British Author Samantha Dorrell author of a supernatural genre novel All Hope Lost.

About the British Author Samantha Dorrell

32 years old, female, from Buckinghamshire in the UK. Always enjoyed writing, and recently took part in the National Novel Writing Month which has inspired me to write these books. born in Buckinghamshire, England in 1980. She is a creative soul and has focused primarily on her graphite art since finishing her education in 2001.

About the Author’s Work

All Hope Lost (published)

Sharon, who is suffering through her life because of her neighbours from hell is part of a community forum where others like her suffer, can get advice and have a good rant about their problems and todays’ society. However she is set upon and murdered by three men. Now dead, she has abilities and powers to gain her revenge, help others in need; but there are other things afoot, and a prophecy that is waiting to unfold.

All Hope Lost: Oblivion (in progress)

The second part of All Hope Lost. The prophecy is coming into effect. Higher powers and strange occurrences are showing up all over the living realm, and Sharon has to make a massive decision. Will her actions fulfil the prophecy and the world as we know it cease to exist?

Best Work so far: All Hope Lost

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