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Yolanda Hughes

American Author of Novels

Brown Shugar by Yolanda Hughes
Book cover of Brown Shugar by Yolanda Hughes

About The Author: Yolanda Hughes s a first time Author with the first book of the trilogy, BrownShugar. Born in Newark
Genre: Drama, Other
Type of Writing: Novels
Genre/Type  : neon-Soul Literature
List of Works to date: BrownShugar
Self-Published with: Xlibris
Best Work so far: BrownShugar

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About Yolanda Hughes Novel Brown Shugar

BrownShugar is a tale of Cherise Brown who, at the age if 18 years old was brutally ganged raped in her neighborhood but goes on to become a successful mother to her four year old daughter Stormy. Shugar is forced to reckon with the past she so desperately wanted to forget but is forced to deal with it and the father of her daughter, Rick. Rick was forced to watch the events that changed the life o

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