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The art of being selfish

Give ability

For the greater good

The male lion is the protector of the pride. The lion is strong and must stay strong to protect his pride. Large prides have more than one male lion working together to protect the pride. The male lion always eats first. The male lion must be strong to protect the rest of the pride.

A weak unfed lion cannot protect the ones he loves. The lion must be selfish for the greater good. The lion must nourish himself to ensure he is capable of providing protection for his pride. The lion must be selfish to maintain his give-ability.

A mother must be strong to protect and teach her child, a father also must be strong to protect and care for his child. A leader must be strong to care and bring out the best in the people he or she has a responsibility towards.

Give-ability is all about ensuring you have the ability to give. To give you must have; if you have more than you need, than you can give. It does not matter what you wish or feel obliged to give, whatever it is, you must have it to give it. This is why being selfish is so important, it is not shameful to be selfish. Like most things, selfishness is bad in excess. It is bad to be too selfish, it is bad to take and never give; however if you are not selfish you will never have enough to give.

If you want to increase your ability to give time, then you must learn how to have more of it. If you want to give your time to important causes and charities or to the ones you love, then you must learn to achieve more with less time. You have to learn how to get the basic needs out of the way faster and you must learn to manage your time wisely. Learning these valuable skills take time, building yourself to be able to have more free time, takes time. You must first be selfish to ensure you have more time to give in the long run.

If you want to help people financially, you must first be financially strong yourself. If you want to provide wealth for the ones you love and financial stability, if you want to give money to charitable causes. You must first have money.

Lets take for example Isaac. Isaac is a good man and he is charitable. Isaac makes $1,000 dollars a month. Isaac each month gives away $800 to charitable causes and lives off the little he has left. This means that Isaac never has any money to re-invest, he has no money to pay for further education, he can only afford to rent a room in someone else’s house and will never own his own home.

Adam on the other hand works at the same place as Isaac, he also earns $1,000 a month. Adam is also a charitable man and each month he gives $100 a month to a charitable cause. Each month Adam also invests $200 into a savings plan. Adam also invests $150 a month into education to improve his income, he buys books about managing finances and building wealth and he takes some small courses that will lead him to a management position in his current employment.

After 6 months Adam gets a promotion. Adam now earns $1,500 a month, he is able to give more. Adam starts to give $250 a month to a charitable cause. Adam also increases his savings plan to $250 a month and starts investing more into his education. Isaac however is completely selfless and continues to give $800 of his $1,000 to charity, his income does not increase and he is unable to give more.

Adam on the other hand continues to grow and a year later receives another promotion. Adam’s qualifications are also much better now and he takes an opportunity to work for another company. Adam now earns $2,500 per month. Adam increases his contribution to charitable causes up to $800. Adam also continues to invest in himself and uses his savings to buy some stock for a part time online retail business.

As time goes by Isaac is still in the same job but as he gets older his parents help him less financially and he is also trying to find a companion to share his life with. Isaac has no option but to reduce the amount he gives to the charitable cause. Isaac reduces the amount he gives to $600 per month. Isaac does not have any money left after living expenses. Isaac is unable to invest in education. Adam continues to grow and his income is now over $3,500 a month. Adam earns $2,500 from his job and $1,000 a month from his part time business. Adam increases his donation to a charitable cause to $1,000 per month.

Selfish Adam has increased his give-ability (ability to give) over time. Isaac has lost his give-ability over time.

If we want to be productive members of society we must be a little selfish, as long as our intentions are pure then it is not only a good thing to be selfish but also a necessity.

This is the first of a number of articles that explain the importance and responsibility we have to increasing our give-ability!

I work with a select few clients to help increase their give-ability. There are many areas of your life that can be improved to ensure you are able to give more to those you love and people that need your help the most. If you are interested in increasing your give-ability and are committed to ensuring you are selfish for the right reasons get in touch with me. I would love to be your coach!

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  1. nice… in my case i want ₹.15,000 per month to repay my debts of my family (it is not made by me) and my income is ₹.7000 and I have to contribute whole of my salary to repay that. and I don’t have any savings.. and increasing my income is not easy as you said..

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