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Know your enemy

Enemies and Friends

know your enemy
Enemies oppose you, friends support you.
Your enemy does not have to be a person or institution, in fact most often your biggest enemy is within yourself. Your enemy is anything or anyone that stands in the way of what you want. Your enemy is also anyone or anything that desires to take away from you something that you want to keep.

Even if we do not acknowledge them, we all have enemies. If you want to win, if you want to succeed, you are inevitably going to find some opposition. I know the next piece of advice is going to seem a little unorthodox but you need to hear it. If you have no enemies; find some!

While you are at it, get yourself some friends too. Friends increase your chance of success friends support you in getting what you want and keeping what you have.

Know what you want

Before you go around making enemies and wasting your energy on fights that are not really important to you, know what you want. In fact knowing what you want is probably one of the fastest ways to find some enemies. Remember by enemies I mean anyone or anything that stands in the way of you getting what you want and need.

Fighting for no reason at all is foolish, but fighting for the right reasons is admirable. Don’t limit yourself, establish what you want without limitations. Define what you really want out of life, not what you think you can achieve. In life you will not always get what you want, however in life you should never limit what you want.

Do you want to be a little healthier? Or do you want to be as physically strong and agile as humanly possible? Do you want to make more money or do you want financial freedom? Do you want to be a good person or a great person? Never ever limit what you want; the world will take care of that for you.

Make a list of at least three things you really want in life. Things you are really willing to fight for.
Peak athletic fitness. (not strength or bulk, lean and fast.)
Peak production of influential and helpful articles, books, speeches and one to one conversations.
Peak knowledge acquisition of subjects related to getting the most out of life.

Know your enemy

Once you know what you want, you can start to identify your enemy more clearly. There are two types of enemies, the ones that stand in the way of your success and the ones that want to take what you have. Obviously some enemies do both. The first step to knowing your enemy is identifying which of the two types your enemy is.

Once you know the type of enemy you are dealing with, you need to understand your enemies greatest strengths. For example one of my biggest enemies is often myself. One of my enemies greatest strengths is distraction. In my case distraction stands in the way of getting what I want in all three of my wants.

Now that I know my enemy (me) and the strongest tool/tactic that is stopping me from getting what I want, I can start to wage war.

To wage war I need to also know when and where my enemy is using their tools and tactics to hinder me. This is important to start finding defensive tactics.
For example:
I am most distracted by other people in my vicinity.
I am most distracted when I am tired or full of energy.
I am distracted by Skype.
I am distracted by my phone.
I am distracted by Facebook.

Get some friends

Friends help us achieve what we want and keep what we have. Friends support us. Friends can be people or anything that helps and supports us. Whilst we can defeat our enemies alone, our chances of success are increased if we have some support. I don’t know about you, but, I fight to win! So I will take all the help I can get.

The biggest enemy of distraction is focus.

The first friend I found with regards to dealing with distractions was my wife. I explained how my enemy was crushing me and how I wanted to win. We devised a plan to help me win. We arranged our schedules so I can do most of my work when everyone else in the house is asleep. My wife bought me some awesome noise cancelling headphones by BANG & OLUFSEN that also work wonders in keeping auditory distractions out. I selected a playlist of music that helps me focus and does not distract me.

The next friend I found was a Google App called STAY FOCUSD which limits the time I can spend on websites like Facebook, Twitter, News Sites etc, as well as offering me an option to block all web browsing for a set of period of time to ensure I stay highly productive. I found the nuclear option to be phenomenal, all of a sudden I cannot browse anything for a set period of time! Wow!

My next friends were authors Daniel Goleman with his book Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence and Thomas M Sterner with his book The Practicing Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life.

My coach who is dedicated to helping me achieve my goals and grow as a person also helped me a lot with strategy and techniques. Furthermore my coach has been helping me measure my improvements in beating my enemy. My target is to be able to have at least 5 hours per day of extremely focused productivity.

Due to the fact that I am most focused when my energy is neither too high or too low I also incorporated a small work out to burn off the extra energy before I get started.

Winning the war

The above is obviously a simplification that highlights the importance of knowing your enemies and finding ways to defeat them but I hope that it gives you some great ideas on how to fight and win your wars.

If you need any one to one help with identifying your enemies and their strengths. If you need help devising strategies on how to defeat your enemies and win! Get in touch with me for a free consultation by clicking the link below and sending me a quick message.
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