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Life is full of opportunities. Good and Bad.

Opportunity selection | A new perspective

Life is full of opportunities

Focus on taking the right opportunities

Everyday of our lives we are faced with a myriad of opportunities:
Opportunities for regret.
Opportunities for doubt.
Opportunities for loss.
Opportunities for procrastination.

Life is full of opportunities:

Opportunities for success.
Opportunities for joy.
Opportunities for happiness.
Opportunities for wealth.
Opportunities for better health.

Opportunity Awareness

It is extremely important to be aware of the opportunities presented to us on a frequent basis. Each and every choice we are presented with is an opportunity to make our lives better or worse; to do the right thing or the wrong thing. We are constantly bombarded with small opportunities that will help us achieve great things. Unfortunately we often talk about the big opportunities and we forget that, the little opportunities really add up.

It is important to train ourselves to be able to recognize opportunity, to get used to making the most out of the little opportunities presented to us on a daily basis. It is only once we are adept at making the most out of even the smallest of opportunities that we become able to make the most of larger opportunities. I live in an ocean of opportunity and I want you to live here with me. Each and every day you swim in an ocean of opportunities!

Let us take for example the opportunity to make healthy choices. It starts at the supermarket where we buy our food, we walk through the aisles and with each item comes an opportunity to make a choice. We have the opportunity to choose a healthy option or an unhealthy option. The fact that we can make a choice makes this very moment an opportunity to make our life better or worse. Seizing the opportunity to make a healthy choice will lead to you feeling better, living a healthier life, having more energy and it will build your will power.

At work we are constantly presented with opportunities; small but significant opportunities. We have the opportunity to focus and excel at any given task, we also have the opportunity to slack, accept distractions and procrastinate. A friend of mine that has done very well for himself once gave me a piece of advice that he had received from his father; it really resonated with me.

No matter what you are doing in life; even if it is beneath your ability, no matter how much you are paid for it; do it to the very best of your ability always. Not because you are paid for it, not because of your boss. Do it to the best of your ability because when you teach yourself to do everything to the best of your ability – you always will. If you teach yourself to be lazy; you will. If you teach yourself to excel; you will. ~ Lanfranco Pescante

Life is full of opportunities; in an argument with a loved one or a colleague you have the opportunity to take control of the situation. You have the opportunity to calm down and resolve the problem amicably. You have an opportunity to learn. You have an opportunity to train yourself, to control your emotions. You also have the opportunity to escalate the situation, to make things worse. You can look for the solution opportunity or the problem opportunity.

Every moment of your day is full of opportunities; when you meet a stranger you have the opportunity to make a positive impression. You have an opportunity to smile. You have an opportunity to ignore. You never know which stranger can one day be a friend that presents you with one of those big opportunities. Take the small opportunity, reach out, wish them a great day!

Even when you apply for a job and don’t get selected, you have an opportunity. You can write a short letter thanking them for their time, wishing them the best in finding the right fit for the current vacancy. You even have the opportunity to send them a letter asking for a better understanding of what they are looking for. I remember a long time ago, I had applied for a job with a reputable company; they turned me down. I had called and thanked them for their time; I asked them to tell me more about what exactly they were looking for. I said that maybe I knew someone that would fit their needs better. Armed with new information I actually helped a friend get hired for the position I wanted. Six months later, the HR department called me to offer me a job! The job was better than the one I originally applied for. When I eventually left this job, they even helped me start my own business. WOW … right?!

In life you are constantly presented with opportunities. Become aware of the little opportunities! Learn to train yourself and build your ability to make the most out of each and every opportunity you are presented. Life is full of opportunities make the most of it!

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