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Sleeping too much?

Why do I sleep so much?

The Question:
I adore sleeping . I can sleep all day long . I want to sleep just the 6-8 hours . If i do it for a day the next i sleep it all .
How to stop this habit?
Sleeping too much

Causes of Too Much Sleep

The Answer:
There are a number of reasons that cause us to sleep so many hours, some of these causes are medically related. Some of the most common medical causes are diabetes, sleep apnea, CFS, Thyroid problems and a few other conditions. It is important to rule these possibilities out first by visiting a doctor.

Substance abuse can also cause us to oversleep, I am guessing however this is not the case with the person asking the question.

The problem can also be related to depression, stress, boredom or anxiety.

Advice: How to sleep less

One of the first things I would recommend is setting up a schedule that includes something to do first thing in the morning and last thing at night. For example if you wish to wake up at 6:00 am and sleep at 10:00pm, I would recommend that you set a task you enjoy at 6:30am such as reading or learning, maybe you enjoy organising things or maybe start your day with a walk, or a phone conversation with a friend. The important thing is finding something you enjoy that gets you out of bed. For the evening you also need an enjoyable task that keeps you out of bed. For example you might enjoy a special tea at 9:00pm. The important thing is that you set a routine, a set of things that you do each day before you got to sleep. If you have things to do, especially things that you enjoy as part of your routine you are more likely to stay wake up/stay awake to enjoy them. Sometimes even something as simple as promising yourself a chocolate or a sweet at 9:00 pm can help trick your mind into ensuring you are awake at that time.

The next step to helping you stay awake is filling in more parts of your day with tasks that you enjoy and want to do, maybe a hobby or something you take pride in doing. I find that the best way is to slowly build to a full schedule. So for example in the 1st week you would include the morning & evening routines. The following week you could another task you enjoy in the afternoon. The trick is giving yourself reasons to be awake.

Most of the time oversleeping is caused by boredom or mild to severe depression and the best way to fight such things is action! The more things we have to do, that we enjoy doing the less time we find for sleep.

Another small trick that I find helps a lot with fighting the urge to sleep is short bursts of exercise, if you are feeling tired do 10 to 15 minutes of moderate exercise, maybe listen to some music and dance a little.
The whole point is that when you use energy your body releases chemicals that wake you up.

I hope this answer helps you, and anyone else that may have the same or a similar problem.

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