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One step in the right direction

Get closer to achieving your goals

Step in the right direction

One step at a time towards success

Success is not one great leap, success is a collection of steps in the right direction. We often like to complicate things but like most things success is achieved by using a very simple formula.

1. Identify what you want.
2. Figure out the best way to get there.
3. Take concrete steps in the right direction.
4. Adjust your course as new paths and information become available.

Know your exact location and destination

Before taking your step in the right direction it is important to be realistic about where you are. Obviously the route to London from Paris is very different to the route to London from Moscow. The journey is longer and the roads you will travel on will be different. You cannot figure out how to get from point A to B, without first knowing where point A (your current location) is.

Lets take a more practical approach. If you are trying to increase your net-worth from $10,000 to $1,000,000 your path is different to the individual trying to increase their net-worth from $500,000 to $1,000,000. Your vehicles, might also be very different. You may only have $10,000 but you might have started a business whilst the other individual is a scientist working for a large medical corporation and earns $90,000 per year with little chances of rapidly increasing their yearly income. His steps will probably involve investing his money whilst yours will be more focused on investing your time to grow your business. Your challenges will be very different even though you are heading towards the same destination.

Knowing your current location also allows you to identify particular routes that can help you get to your destination faster or make the journey safer and more comfortable. As an example if I told you that there was a way to reach your goals faster but you would have to make huge sacrifices; would you do it? What if I told you that there was an easy way to reach your goals with very little effort and nearly no sacrifices but you would take a much longer time to reach your goals? Once you know your current location and your destination you can really start working on HOW you want to get from point A to B.

Plan your route in simple steps

It is better to take 1 step in the right direction than 10 in the wrong direction.
Once you know where you are and where you want to get to it is important to plan wisely. I find that a great way to do this when the whole journey seems too complex is to focus on breaking down the journey into checkpoints.

For example if you want to get from Moscow, Russia to London, United Kingdom (on the ground/no planes/no boats) your best route will have you traveling through Belarus, Poland, Germany and France.
Checkpoints to success
You could complicate things and choose another route but if your goal was to get to London this would probably be your preferred route. Now that you have some checkpoints you can start focusing on your first destination.

Set checkpoints to reach your goals

Now that you know that your first checkpoint is Minsk, Belarus you can plan your route from your current location, Moscow.
small Checkpoints to success
Now that you know that to get to London you will be passing through Minsk, Belarus you also know that any step in the direction of Belarus is a step in the right direction!

You are also able to be proud of yourself for reaching Minsk, Belarus and you can even enjoy some time in the beautiful city of Minsk, kick back and enjoy your new location before continuing your journey. Remember this is your life! You can plan it any way you like. You also have to keep in mind that there will be times when you have to adjust your route. There will be roadworks, there will be flat tires, there will be accidents and there will be side steps along the way these are all part of life. All you can do is keep taking steps in the right direction

Important Advice!

The other great thing about breaking your journey down using checkpoints is that you are now equipped with the right questions! Let me explain, not everyone in Moscow has traveled from Moscow to London and asking for advice (best steps) on getting from Moscow to London will result in a very long set of steps. If instead you ask how to get to Minsk, Belarus you will probably find it easier to get great information and more people able to provide you the advice you need.

Logic dictates that anyone that has traveled by car from Moscow to Poland knows how to get to Belarus; the same goes for anyone that has traveled from Moscow to Germany and anyone that has traveled from Moscow to France.

You can convert this logic to practically anything else. Anyone that has achieved a net-worth of $500,000 knows how they got to $300,000 even though they might not know how to get $1,000,000. A friend might know how to lose 5 kilos/12 Pounds in three months but not know how to build the exact physique you want, you know that your first step is losing 5 kilos/12 pounds. At each step you can ask for new directions to get closer to your destination.

Taking that first step!

I know this was meant to be all about steps!
Once you know where you are going you can really start to take concrete steps.
Begin one simple step at a time, planning is crucial but action is vital. It is important to keep in mind that planning only helps increase the chances of arriving at your destination if you actually travel!

Developing a checkpoint system also ensures that you can break your journey down into steps that you can actually take!

You got this far! Now start your journey!

What is your first destination?
How are you getting to it?
Start travelling!

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