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Time – The Currency of life

Spend your time wisely.

The real currency of life is time.

How much does it cost?

If like many of us, there have been times in your life when money was scarce, when you simply did not have enough money to get all the things you wanted or worse … needed. Then, you know the feeling of scarcity.

Like money is for many of us a limited resource at one point or another; time is a limited resource for all of us, always. Time unlike money is a stable currency, an equal currency and something we all have the same amount of each day.

What happens when you only have $100 and want something worth $120? You either figure out where to get the other $20 or settle for another alternative. If you want something (A) that is $100 and you also want object (b) which is $5, and you only have $100 you have no choice but to buy object “A” or “B”. Time is very much the same – with the limitation that no matter how hard you work, you get the same amount of time each day.

Spend some time – with me

Time is a stable currency, you cannot increase the number of hours allotted to you each day. The only thing you can do is to choose wisely what you spend your time on and how effectively you use your time.

Can I afford it? When presented with things that will take up my time I like to ask myself if I can really afford them. It is important to know what you want in life. If you know what you want in life, the answer becomes much easier.

Once you start asking yourself truthfully if you can afford to spend time on things, if you are diligent, you will start freeing up your time for other things that really matter to you.

What you can and cannot afford often depends on what you want in life; it is more a matter of understanding that to afford one (time) thing you will have to choose not to buy another (time) thing.

A great way to become more economical with time, is to start by keeping a time diary. Figure out where most of your time goes. How are you spending your time?
When you want something or are trying to reach a goal of some sort it is also good to calculate the total amount of hours required to achieve this goal. You can then evaluate how much time you can spend each day on completing your goal.

Another great way to become more aware of the value of your time is by setting time checks throughout the day. As an example mine are at 9:30 am after my work out, swim and breakfast – I ask myself how I intend on spending the next 240 Minutes (4Hrs). I think of what I can buy myself with that time, how I will spend it effectively.

My next time check’s happen at 14:30 and another time check at 16:30 and a final time check at 19:00. The one at 19:00 is a relatively simple one for me, since I generally always spend that time on educating myself – it is normally a matter of choosing what book I will read.

You might also notice that I don’t do a time check for at 5:00 am when I wake up to 9:30 am this is because I have already set a routine for that time and practically always spend that time the same way.

Time is a limited currency – Spend it wisely.
Thank you for spending your time with me, reading this article. 🙂

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