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True Passion Pure Focus

Passion and Focus lead to greatness.

The power of focus driven by passion.

Focus and passion are a powerful pair, when combined together the results are astounding. Passion is the one thing that enables pure focus, whilst focus can be trained and improved in many ways, it is passion that brings out a natural and pure focus. Have you ever worked at something and lost yourself within it? Have you ever been so consumed that time stood still? Have you ever been so productive you shocked yourself? Did it feel like you where in your element, did it feel completely natural? When passion and focus merge together the rest of the world seems to fade away, allowing you to put all your mental resources and energy into that one thing.

To truly experience the merging of true passion and pure focus is exhilarating and once you have had a taste of it you will inevitably want more. You have probably already experienced it a few times in your life and if you are lucky you experience it often. For those of us that don’t, however, there are a few ways we can increase the frequency and probability of it.

Know your true passion

Throughout your life you will come across passions of varying intensity, you will feel slightly passionate and intensely passionate. You will inevitably be passionate about the wrong things at times but lets focus on the good passions for now. True passion is that uncontrollable emotion towards something that keeps pulling you towards it, regardless of how much you resist. You can be passionate about something, someone, somewhere and a multitude of other things. It may be a passion for saving lives, for making people smile, for making people laugh, for writing … for swimming etc. Each of us have our own passions and they pull us like an invisible magnetic force. When you find that pull don’t lean back, lean in. (Unless of course you know for certain that the thing you have passion for is harmful to you.)

To find your true passion you must be childlike and willing to explore. Don’t be scared to try new things, the more things you try the more likely you are to find your true passion. Don’t let self-doubt cloud your judgement : the biggest enemy of passion is fear. Once you find your true passion it is time to set the perfect environment for it to thrive.

Clear your mind and prepare to focus.

Once you have found your true passion it is paramount that you prepare to lean in. Passion will drive and fuel your focus but you must reduce distractions and place yourself in an optimal environment. Be prepared to lock out the world for a while. Focus tends to intensify if left uninterrupted and this is what we are looking for.

You must be committed to letting go, this is the hardest part for most of us to grasp. Attaining pure focus through passion is not a matter of grasping at it but of surrendering ourselves to it. It is through loss of self-control that we truly allow these two great forces to carry us effortlessly through great endeavors. Strangely enough though letting go is often the hardest part. You must let the rest of the world fade away, lean in.

Focus is the exclusion of all that is unimportant at that point in time. If it is unnecessary get rid of it, the faster you start throwing things out of your mind’s eye the faster your true passion will carry you to a state of pure focus. Inevitably as you travel towards this state you will find random thoughts teasing you and demanding your attention. “What time do I have to be at place X” “What am I eating for dinner?” “What did John say he needed done?” “What’s that noise downstairs?” “Did someone message me?” Ignore all these temptations and distractions, fall past them. Let them go! The more you let go the more focused you become.

It is true passion and pure focus that brings us to our most productive states.

When you find your true passion let nothing challenge it, when you enter a state of pure focus let nothing contaminate it! It is in this state that you will reach heights beyond your limits, beyond what you know to be possible.

Seek these moments, cherish these moments, appreciate these moments, protect these moments!

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