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Unknowable God

I kneel in gratitude

Dear unknowable God all I know of you is what I have been told; I have been told many a tale of your infinite greatness. I was raised what one might term as a liberal Roman Catholic. I however have had friends from many other walks of life, they held different beliefs and were told different stories to the ones I had been told. Some of these friends had similar stories especially the oldest stories in their faiths. I speak of course of Islam and Judaism but also of other Christian faiths such as Protestantism. I have also come across people of other faiths and set foot in their temples, introduced to their prophets and Gods. I have seen dancing dragons or rather men dancing in dragon suits and culturally I have seen the impact of faith on different peoples.

I have also met some that are not bound by religion and others that do not believe in your existence. I have never throughout my time here on earth doubted your existence. I find you in everything that exists. I sometimes wonder if the universe is everything or simply a minuscule portion of your immense creation. I find that as we humans driven by curiosity delve deeper into the universe and everything within it there is a certain level of automation, things are extremely systematic, patterns consistently emerge. I sense we have a considerable level of freewill but there is an expiration to our existence in a specific form. Death intrigues me but the expiration I believe extends beyond that; the sun cannot burn for ever and possibly the earth cannot spin for ever either. I of course am limited in my knowledge of such things but I am able to observe your work.

One faith states that we systematically return to this earth in a different form; from a matter perspective this is of course evidently correct. It actually speaks to a creative explanation of something that is clearly evident. As our bodies decompose we most certainly find parts of ourselves reformed in some way or another. I believe there are other faiths that have similar stories and I appreciate that in some ways some of these stories may have been said less as a matter of fact but rather as an interpretation and attempt at understanding your unknowable self, similar to my own.

I believe there is a reason you are unknowable; simply looking at the stars and understanding the immensity of your creation which we have only begun to understand a small fragment of your creation. We have no way of knowing if this is your only creation and you have not made yourself knowable to us matter of factually on an individual level that we can understand. Being the ultimate creator of all that is I strongly believe we would be unable to understand even if you explained; we would as we do with most things only understand a small portion and take that to be the totality. A more accurate explanation would be that would simply be the totality of our understanding as opposed to the totality of the unknowable entity that you are.

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