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Why Rubio, Cruz and Kasich are not winning.

You don’t stop your opponent; you beat him

Much can be said of the current race for the GOP nomination but the biggest question is: Why is no one else winning?
I have been attentively following the debates, the media and overall campaigns for a while now. I personally do not believe that the current vote is symbolic of what America wants and needs; however I am not shocked. The candidates are focusing their attention so heavily on the current leader that it is inevitable that he continues to soar.

How to win a nomination for the general election.

How do you win the nomination? Well for starters you stop focusing on how to make your opponent lose. You start focusing on how to win. Even if the Stop Trump campaign gains steam and slows him down; it doesn’t mean that any of the other contenders have gotten any faster. Rubio for example became a much worse candidate when he started focusing predominantly on stopping the other candidate instead of winning the nomination.

It is hard for us voters to get behind someone that thinks the only way to win is to sabotage another candidate. I will speak for myself here: I want a candidate that knows how to win. I am not looking for a candidate that knows how to stop other candidates. I will vote for a candidate that can get things done. What Rubio has done is shown that at best he can spend a lot of money on not winning.

How Trump made Rubio a single issue candidate

The magic of Trump is that he is surrounded by brilliant people. I believe it is by no accident that he is winning. Of all the candidates on stage; Marco was eloquent, focused on the issues and this was hurting Trump. Trump changed that, Marco is now focused on Trump. Trump comes first and the issues come second; this says it all. Trump has taken control of Marco’s message.

He’s bad! I’m kind of ok.

The stop Trump movement focuses on how bad Trump will be as a president; it lacks an inspiring message. The other campaigns, specifically Rubio’s no longer have definition. The one liner focus has gone from connecting with the electorate to simply advising the electorate how bad #Trump is.

Ultimately no one wants a kind of ok nominee for the presidential election.

To win a nomination you do this:

Understand your electorate.
Inspire your voters.
Provide direction.
Win hearts, minds and votes.

To lose the nomination you do this

Ignore the electorate and focus on your opponent.
Fail to inspire and provide direction.
Lose momentum and focus.

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