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Hi there, I have had the privilege of living and visiting quite a number of countries; as far east as Hong Kong and West to the United States with quite a bit of time spent in the multi-cultural center (Europe). I have lived, drove around in and explored a fair number of places. I love sharing my experiences with people that have visited the same places, as well as people considering a trip. I also love hearing about destinations I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting.

I am working on sharing as much information as I can with you, my online friends. I would love to hear from you about your own experiences and desires with regards to travel. If you have been somewhere that I’m really interested in I might pester you into letting me know all about your travels and share the experience here on my site.

For now I just want to give you a heads up about some of the places I look forward to talking with you about:

Malta Gozo & Comino

Due to family ties and having lived in Amazing Malta for a number of years I have a lot to say about the Maltese Islands. Malta and Gozo are located in the center of the Mediteranean sea in southern Europe. Medieval buildings, a unique language, neolithic temples and an overall relaxed attitude are some of the highlights of Malta.

Hong Kong

From the flight to the sights every visit to Hong Kong has been an excellent experience. My first trip to Hong Kong was as a newly wed on my honeymoon; further trips have been a mix of business and pleasure. From the Jade Market to Ocean Park and amazing temples in the heart of one of the busiest cities in the world; there is little fault I could find with Hong Kong.


Style, fashion, food and a whole lot of fun can be had in Paris. I have had the pleasure of exploring quite a bit of Paris as well as the suburbs. Like most cities it is vibrant but has a unique charm that, the French are extremely social and enjoy their leisure with flair. Very libertine and adventuring beyond the usual sights like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc De Triomphe will land you in some very interesting and unusual venues. One of the most amazing places in my opinion is the Palace of Versailles.

Italy – Driving through; Rome, Naples Sicily and more

A two hour boat ride from Malta will land you in the southern part of Sicily; from there you can drive up to the North and catch a quick ferry through the strait of Messina. Once off the ferry you are now in mainland Italy. It is a beautiful drive with many sights on the way, Naples especially has many hidden treasures including some phenomenal trattorias and pizzerias. My posts will travel from the very bottom to Rome, then onward to Spain.

Spain – From Barcelona down to the beautiful Algarve

Having spent a year living in the south of Portugal I have much to share, from driving in under three hours into Southern Spain to eating delicious fresh food in both countries. There are some great beaches and historical places to visit but best of all is the day to day life.

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