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Abe Kobo

Japanese writer, Playwright, Novelist, Poet, Short Story Writer

Japanese Author Abe Koke, Kobo, Kimifusa
Japanese Author Abe Koke, Kobo, Kimifusa Born 1925 Died 1993
Kōbō Abe was Born 7 March 1924 and Died 22 January 1993 (aged 68)

Abe Kobo, Best known for his surreal, often nightmarish explorations of individuals in contemporary society

Abe Kobo experimented with various radical artistic and social concepts. Abe formed part of a literary, artistic and philosophical group called Yoru no kai (Night Association). Soon after being introduced to philosopher Hanada Kiyoteru, Abe joined the Japanese Communist Party and began experimenting with Marxism and surrealism in his works.

Novels by Kōbō Abe

At the Guidepost at the End of the Road (1948)
Starving Unions (1954)
Animals Are Going To Their Home (1957)
Inter Ice Age 4 (1959)
Stony Eyes (1960)
Woman in the Dunes (1962)
The Face of Another (1964)
Takeaki Enomoto (1965)
The Ruined Map (1967)
The Box Man (1973)
Secret Rendezvous (1977)
The Ark Sakura (1984)
Kangaroo Notebook (1991)
The Flying Man (1994)

Collected short stories by Kōbō Abe

The Wall (1951)
The Starving Skin (1952)
Intruders (1952)
Inventions by R62
The Unrelated Death (1964)
The Double of Human Being (1967)
Yume no toubou (1968)
The Laughing Moon (1975)
Beyond the Curve (1993)

Plays by Kōbō Abe

Uniforms (1955)
Slave H

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