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Aiken Conrad

American Poet, Playwright, Essayist, Novelist, Critic

Photo of Aitken Conrad American Poet Plyawright essayist and critic
Photo of Aitken Conrad American Poet Plyawright essayist and critic from Svannah Georgia. Awarded American Academy of Arts and Letters Gold Medal for Poetry,
Conrad Aiken was Born 5 August 1889 and Died 17 August 1973 (aged 84).
At a very young age, his father killed his mother shortly after his father also committed suicide, the tragedy impacted Aiken’s development profoundly. He graduated Harvard in 1912, the same period as T. S. Eliot and E. E. Cummings. Aiken’s poetry reflects an intense influence by Freud and Edgar Allen Poe. His poetry shows a keen interest in Psychoanalysis and is a must read if you like deep identity searching poetry.

Poetry by Conrad Potter Aiken

Morning Song of Senlin
A Letter from Li Po
All Lovely Things
Beloved, Let Us Once More Praise the Rain
Chiarascuro, Rose
Evening Song of Senlin
Hatteras Calling
Improvisations: Light and Snow
Music I Heard
Nocturne of Remembered Spring
Senlin: His Cloudy Destiny
Senlin: His Dark Origins
Senlin: His Futile Preoccupations
The Carver
The House Of Dust
The Room
The Trenches
The Window
Turns And Movies: Dancing Adairs
Turns And Movies: Duval’s Birds
Turns And Movies: Rose And Murray
Turns And Movies: The Cornet
Turns And Movies: Violet Moore And Bert Moore
Turns And Movies: Zudora

Poetry Collections by Conrad Aiken

Earth Triumphant (Aiken, 1914)
Turns and Movies and other Tales in Verse (1916)
Nocturne of Remembered Spring: And Other Poems (1917)
Charnel Rose (1918)
Selected Poems (1924)

Novels, Short Stories, Memoirs and Literary Criticism by Conrad Aiken

The Jig of Forslin (1916)
Scepticisms: Notes on Contemporary Poetry (1919)
Blue Voyage (1927)
Great Circle (1933)
King Coffin (1935)
A Heart for the Gods of Mexico (1939)
The Conversation (1940)
Ushant (1952)
Collected Short Stories (1960)
A Reviewer’s ABC: Collected Criticism of Conrad Aiken from 1916 to the Present (1961)
Collected Short Stories of Conrad Aiken (1966)
Thee (1967)

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