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Arkay Evans

African American author of Women’s Empowerment and Personal Development

Photo of Arkay Evans author of a Woman of Purpose
Arkay Evans author of a Woman of Purpose

About the African American Author Arkay Evans

I am a author, performance poet, event consultant and clinical counselor for women and young adults. I’ve learned the art of ‘Leadership from Within’ from my work with dogs, especially my brilliant dog, Kacy.

About Arkay Evans written work Literary Fiction, Articles, Spiritual, Humor, Poetry

-‘A Woman of Purpose’ (2013) – This unique poetic novel supports and empowers survivors of violent crimes to help them to overcome the silent grip of negative thinking, and to engage the abundance of healing. ‘A Woman of Purpose’ guides readers to fully embrace their natural gifts and to discover the the beauty of leadership from within. Spoken word grooves from ‘A Woman of Purpose’ can be found under the author’s name on Soundcloud and Reverbnation.

-Christians Under Construction (2008) – This maiden voyage is the author’s first thought exploration into spiritual empowerment, and how women can build on confidence in Christ – a spiritual foundation that reaches beyond the oppression of traditional religiosity and legalisms.

Best Work so far: ‘A Woman of Purpose’ is a must-read, and check out some of my poetry and mp3 singles on Soundcloud.

Where can you find Arkay Evans

Where can you find me? Look for me on Facebook at Arkay Evans, or my author page, The Arkay Café’.

More Info: Please join me on Twitter, Tumblr or my blog, ‘The God In Me Project’. Thank you very much for your time and attention to my work.

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