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Fard Yahya Alavi

Kurdish Poet, Journalist, Writer of Children’s literature

Photo of Yahya Alavi Fard Kurdish Poet, Author, Journalist Children's litreature. Born 1973
Yahya Alavi Fard, member of Writers of Children & Youth Association ,Iran and Society of Pen of Howzeh , Iran. Author, Poet & Journalist.
Yahya Alavi Fard was born in 1973 and at the time of this post still alive.
Born 1973, Bojnurd, Iran / Live in Qom

BA in Psychology,Emam Khomeini Education & Research Institute, Iran, 2003
MA in Persian Language & Literature, Qom university, Iran, 2010
MA in seminary school of Qom 2005

Works written by Yahya Alavi Fard

Seasons are interesting (2005)
Everlasting spring (2008)
This is innovation (2008)
City of birds (2009)
Come See (2009)
Itinerants (2010)
Mohammad will come back (2010)
May there always bee war (2010)
A day A swallow, Boostane Ketab (2011)
Like toys, Boostane Ketab (2011)
This is innovation, Dar ol badhrah (2011)
This is innovation, Bright Future Institute (2011)

Prizes won by Yahya Alavi Fard

Fifth Children’s Press Festival, Selecting & Introducing the Best Press in Iran,First Prize,2001
First Universities Art Festival, Iran, Second Prize, in Poem section,2002
Sixth Children’s Press Festival, Sellecting & Introducingthe best press in iran,candidate,2003
Best Writer in Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Iran, First Prize, 2004
Heaven Art Festival, in Howzeh, Iran, First Prize, in Poem section, 2009
Sixth Book of Season, Iran, First Prize, 2009
Third Fajr Poem Festival, Iran, selected, 2009
National Festival of Bahar, in Universities, Iran, First Prize in Poem section, 2009
Last Savior Festival, International Festival About Emam Mahdi, Iran, Honored Diploma, 2009
2nd bright future festival, International Festival About Emam Mahdi, Iran, Jury, in kids poems section, 2009
2nd national festival of thaghalain”, In Universities , Iran , second prize , 2009
2nd blog festival about ashoora ” , Iran , first prize , 2010
First National Book of Year, Iran, First Grade, 2011

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