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Gary Kraidman

Gary Kraidman author of Anaerobe

This is not an image of the Author's book but rather of the subject matter American oil turns into water in his book
This is not an image of the Author’s book but rather of the subject matter American oil turns into water in his book
Nationality: United States of America
Type of writing: Novels, Poetry, Short Stories
Genre: Thriller, Horror, Other
Other Genre/ Type of writing : Observing life’s passages
Best Work so far: ANAEROBE

About Gary Kraidman

Microbiologist, Gary Kraidman was born in Brooklyn and received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Brooklyn College followed by a Master of Science Degree with honors from Long Island University. Gary spent most of his career as a microbiologist in both medical and industrial research. He also worked in marketing and sales of microbiological equipment, covering the Northeast, after leaving the bench laboratory environment.

Books written by Author Gary Kraidman

ANAEROBE – petro thriller. A group of fanatics threaten to turn a bio weapons against America. If successful our country’s oil will turn to water!
AGE – observations on couples sitting in a diner ranging from twenty to 90 years of age.
Dry Lake Project – petro thriller about America’s attempt to create an oil independent United States…..will a foreign saboteur put an end to our nation’s dream?
Nick Torno Adventures can be in on www.nicktornoadventures.blogspot.com

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