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Abouzeid Leila

Moroccan Author, Writer

Photo of Leila Abouzeid Moroccan Author with a book in her hand.
Leila Abouzeid, Morrocan Author born in 1950 First Morrocan woman to have her work translated into english.
Leila Abouzeid was Born in 1950 and at the time of the post is still alive.
Leila Abouzeid began her career as a radio and TV journalist; she is a pioneer amongst other Morrocan authors in the fact that she writes in arabic rather than french; she is also the first Moroccan woman writer of literature to be translated into English.

Works by Leila Abouzeid

Year of the Elephant: A Moroccan Woman’s Journey Toward Independence (1990)
Return to Childhood (1999)
The Last Chapter (2003)
The Director and Other Stories from Morocco (2006)

Works in Arabic by Leila Abouzeid

Bid` sunbulat khodr `an lundun (A few Green Spikes of Grain About London, memoirs). Tunis:1978
`Am al-fil (Year of the Elephant, short stories). Rabat:1983
Amrika al-wajh al-akhar (America: The Other Face, travel literature). 1986
al-ruju` ila-l-tufula (Return to Childhood, autobiography). Casablanca:1993
Al-Fasl Al-Akhir (The Last Chapter, novel).

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  1. Very interesting books. I have already read “the year of the elephant”, “the last chapter”, “Return to childhood”, “Mohammed (PBUH)”. Incredible works!

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