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Michael Essington also know as Mike Check on Strange Reaction

Book cover of Last One to Die by Michael Essington
Book cover of Last One to Die by Michael Essington

Type of writing: Novels, Poetry, Magazines, Short Stories
Genre: Memoir, Nonfiction, Poetry, Writing
Other Genre/ Type of writing : For my column, Mike Check, I do music reviews
Best Work so far: Last One To Die

About the Author Michael Essington

Growing up during the early years of the Los Angeles punk rock scene has spent the better half of a decade writing about the key players and the major shows from this era and what it’s like to come out the other side with all your bearings. Since February of 2007 Essington has written the internationally popular Mike Check column for the website Strange Reaction (www.strangereaction.com). Since that time the Mike Check column has appeared in the pages of Flipside 2010 and the extremely popular Spark Plug Magazine (www.sparkplugmagazine.com).

The Author Michael Essington Online

Other Links to Michael Essington online: http://tinyurl.com/3dw6zoy
More Info: Second novel, Life Won’t Wait, will be published in August 2013

About Michael Essington’s Book

Last One To Die is a collection of Essington’s best stories from the Mike Check column along with a few new stories written exclusively for the book. The praise for the book has been overwhelming: James Frey, Million Little Pieces, My Friend Leonard says: Last One to Die is a must-read. Mike Essington is a modern day Beat writer who takes on gritty reality and serves it up raw. This guy writes from the heart, his tales are gripping, intense and they take you into an underworld that few have experienced. Clyde A. Wray, Poet, Playwright, director and producer author of four books of poetry: He is eloquent and concise and doesn’t get lost in the world of minutia. He tells the story and holds you captive page after page. To the point you want to cheat (go to the back of the book) but don’t! Enjoy the book. Learn something you perhaps didn’t know, I did. Thanks to some well written verse knowledge of a lifestyle and the honesty to tell it.

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