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Ozzy Vikman

Poet Ozzy Vikman from Finland

Photo of Ozzy Vikman author of the poetry book A thing called life
Ozzy Vikman author of the poetry book A thing called life

Nationality: Finland
Type of writing: Poetry
Genre: Poetry, Writing
Best Work so far: A Thing Called Life – http://bookstore.authorhouse.com/Products/SKU-000608494/A-Thing-Called-Life.aspx

About Ozzy Vikman

He started his career in the business world at the age of 14, he was mainly involved in marketing, sales and promotion. It was during this period he met many interesting and inspiring people who had a very strong influence on him.
Music, movies, theater, comedy and creative art forms have always been a big part of his life. Poetry is one of his biggest passions, as well as songwriting. Poetry is a powerful tool he uses to express himself about events in his life and things that touch him on a daily basis.

Ozzy Vikman Online Twitter, Facebook and his website

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Ozzy Vikman on Twitter

More Info: http://www.ozzyvikman.com/

About Ozzy Vikman’s Book

A Thing Called Life (2012)
By Ozzy Vikman
These poems come from my heart, different things that I have seen, experienced, and been inspired by in my life. I have written poems for a long time and it’s really great to hear that people can relate to them, and especially how much it has helped them through tough times. It’s about our struggle and how to never give up hope. There are also inspirational and love poems as well. I would say, in short; it’s a part of our journey through life.

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