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Raven Taylor

British Author of Novels, Poetry and Short Stories

If I Fall Back Down by Raven Taylor
If I Fall Back Down by Raven Taylor
Nationality: British
Type of writing: Novels, Poetry, Short Stories
Genre: Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Memoir
Best Work so far: Winter (The Dark Angels Series)

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About Raven Taylor’s Work

Winter (The Dark Angels Series) : Nobody knows who Winter is, not even Winter himself. Where did he come from? Why was he wandering naked and alone along a remote Scottish road on Christmas Eve? And why does it seem he can predict the deaths of those around him?

Delve into a dark world of amnesia, the paranormal and a missing identity as Winter struggles to piece together his absent past. All set against the beautifully rendered back drop of Edinburgh’s old town, Winter takes us down cobbled closes and through historic kirk yards as the city gives up clues that will solve the mystery of his true identity and pulls him into a love affair with a beautiful and doomed burlesque dancer.

Did Winter suffer from some terrible trauma that left him unable to remember anything or is there some deeper and more terrifying explanation?
Cane (The Dark Angels Series): When Dark Angel Winter returns to the Underworld following his tragic love affair with the mortal Lilly his mentor, Cane, is delighted to have him back. However, it soon becomes apparent to Cane that his apprentice not the same Angel he was; Winter is back and with power Cane could only ever dream of and the world of the Angels is about to change forever.
In this, the second installment of The Dark Angel’s series, Cane takes us on a whirlwind journey as he recounts the terrifying events that unfold following Winter’s return. This is a story of revolution and love beyond death that will see the ancient world of Angel’s turned upside-down all delightfully told in Cane’s very own haphazard and eccentric way.
If I Fall Back Down (a Punk Rock Love Story) Currently being serialised on my facebook page. A gritty, touching and funny memoir from two punks falling in and out of love.

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